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Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the!  Thankyou for visiting my blog for my ministry and house church.

Let the Grace Revolution Arise in the earth TODAY!!!

I welcome you to take this journey with us to RE-discover the Doctrine of Justification by Faith.

If you are not sure that if you died right now that you would goto Heaven to be with Jesus, then please go here first:

Here are great audios about the Life Transforming power of God’s Grace from

Andrew Wommack:

Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith






Rob Rufus, CItychurchinternational, Kowloon, Hong Kong.




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Let’s do the Works of Jesus, preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, Heal the sick. Contend for the greater works Jesus promised that those who believe in Him would do…

Remember, You have already BEEN BLESSED in Christ Jesus!


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16 thoughts on “START!

  1. hi i have recently moved from S.A to LOndon and i would really love to know if you are affilliated to any churches here or if Rob will be preching in the U.K anytime.

    • Dear Rehana,

      Thankyou for your email. I’m not affliated to any churches there but

      I got from ryan rufus this info, not sure what the church is like though:


      1-27 Fortescue Road

      Colliers Wood



      SW19 2EA

      Tel; 02082888866



      Pastor: Sam and Grace Onyenuforo

      Contact: Mark and Diana Jeffery

      I have another friend in Gatwick you may contact him- he is all into Grace as well!

      Russel- “Russell Dalton” ,

      Otherwise, there is westminister chapel in london which has very good doctrine

      Just keep on praying to the Lord and in the Spirit and will bring people accross your paths and show you where to go.

      Hope this helps, Blessings to you, keep in touch let us know how you go!!

  2. Dear Grace Revolution,
    I am very excited to see that the Lord Is raising up people all over the world who can’t keep quiet until they have taught the GOOD NEWS OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD.THAT IS THE MESSAGE TO BE PREACHED IN THESE LAST DAYS.Keep it up and know that the Grace revolution has also started over here in Burundi (East Africa).We are also teaching the doctrine of justification by faith and people are getting freed and reassured of their eternal salvatio.
    Galatians 4:19.

    • THanks Ange-Michel, the LORD is Good and His LOVE is Everlasting!!! Which part of Burundi are you from? that’s exciting.

      • Thanks brother.I am from Bujumbura,the capital City.I lead a ministry called New Hope Outreach Ministries committed to evangelism through the lenses of Grace and to teaching the message of Grace to the body of Christ.Which part of NZ are you from?

  3. Thanx alot brother.I am from Bujumbura,the capital city.I lead an outreach ministry called New Hope Outreach Ministries.Our visio is : REACHING THE WORLD WITH THE GOOD NEWS OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD (Luke 4:43).Which country are you from?

  4. Thanx alot brother.I do not yet have a website,but we are in the process of launching it.Hopefully in two weeks,I will let you know what it is.Stay blessed bro.

  5. It is so good to see that you are actively preaching the truth of an eternal salvation by grace through faith!!! I live here in Pennsylvania (USA) and it seems there is quite a trend of people teaching that WE maintain our salvation and can “walk” away if we choose. I have not seen this concept in scripture. I read that Jesus is the one who “keeps us” and continually “sanctifies” us throught His shedding of the blood. The perfect sacrifice accepted by God once and for all for the forgiveness of sins. I am battling some people in my church right now who are trying to convince me and others that we can lose our salvation because of our own free will. That salvation was a free gift but, from then on it is up to us to keep it. IF this is true….I wonder then …who can be saved??? Seeing that we all sin . If our good works did not save us how could our bad works unsave us??? Pray for me…this is a battlefield. Keep preaching the good news!!! Blessings to you. R. Wells

    • Thankyou Robyn!! So great to hear from you. Keep preaching the gospel, don’t give up!! May God bless Pennsylvania!! Which city in Pennsylvania do you live? take a look at this: I think they are very Grace and Love of God focused. The preacher Charles and Ann Stock from that congregation just came to the gold coast last weekend, they is so full of the love of God!! Blessings, Tony

  6. Hello!
    I have visited your website and praise the Lord that you are working for the Kingdom of God in all nations of the World. I am Nasir Shakeel Christian from Pakistan working with Anaveem Faith Ministry. So if possible keep in touch with us, and if possible work with us or become a partner and help the Christian Children with Education here in Pakistan So that these children may free from poverty, violence, crime, divorce, alcoholism, prostitution, and drug abuse and work in promotion of peace and reconciliation, care of God’s environmental creation, and community responses to social, political, and religious fragmentation. I shall be great full to you. We provide our Translation Services into Urdu,Punjabi,Arabic,Sindhi and Gujarati Languages. We wish to translate your material like Bible studies, Tracts, Sermons Newsletters, Books, etc into any of these languages so that true teachings may reach to every true believer in all nations of the World. It will be little costly but will be great in the Kingdom of God. For further information please write us. Looking forward your reply.

    In Him

    Nasir Shakeel
    Executive Director,
    Anaveem Faith Ministries
    Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan
    Phone: +923006565989

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