GLory and Grace Conference 2008 Session 6 , Rob Rufus

I have typed out some of the key statements made during the session 6 by Rob- not yet completed but will eventually add notes from all sessions. đŸ™‚

The Holy Spirit only convicts of the sin of unbelief in Jesus. (Read John 16:7-11)

Galatians 3:10.

If you live under the law, you must keep it perfectly all the time, because the law is a composite oneness. James 2:10-11. Composite oneness means every part affects every other part.

ANYTHING that puts a new covenant believer under the pressure to perform to earn or deserve the blessings, is THE LAW.

JESUS + anything = NOTHING


Grace is a composite oneness of grace. Every area of your life is covered.

The Gospel is NOT a message of right living, but is a MESSAGE of RIGHT BELIEVING.

The Old Covenant you have to do; the New Covenant you have to BELIEVE and you GET.

The currency of the New Covenant is that you believe that JESUS was ENOUGH at the Cross, and friends, not just for your RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTIFICATION, FOR EVERYTHING! EVERY NEED!

Those who believe this message will have global influence, those who come under the law will be held prisoners and have limited influence and contained in captivity.

People that say this grace message makes people lazy, passive, licentious are insane. It liberates them from prison and opens the horizon to bring the glory of God to the nations! To lay their lives down!

We who preach and teach this message, we must walk in a way that brings honor to the Lord and to this message.

Romans 3:20

‘Therefore no one will be declared righteous in his sight by observing the law; rather, through the law, we become conscious of sin.’

If you are free from the law, you are not a prisoner of the law, and you are no longer under the supervision of the law, then there is NO CONSCIOUSNESS OF SIN.

“Rob, am I under the law?”

“Yes, you are are. If you feel consciousness of sin, you are its prisoner.”

You are meant to have a Righteousness Consciousness because you are The Righteousness of God!

Romans 3:21-22.

The law in the New covenant changes its posture and disposition towards you, under the Old Covenant, the law cursed you and condemned you, it pointed out your faults, constantly followed you around making you conscious of sin in the courtroom of heaven.

Now the law moves across to become your council for your defense. The Law and the Prophets now testify that the righteousness you have is by the integrity of God, is apart from the law, is by the gift from heaven, that is based upon Jesus’ obedience on your behalf- you are permanently made perfect forever by one sacrifice. The Law testifies to that.


And the reason we are dealing with 1800 hundred years of darkness and deception and the preaching of the law and grace to the church. The people of God, I saw this in a vision, in the new covenant are like Lazarus, bound up in depth with grave clothes, because the modern church uses the law to try and stop decay, they think they have to put the law on God’s people to stop the decay of sin in their lives, so they are bound up in grave clothes.
And the Lord Jesus Christ is coming to the Church in the 21st century in resurrection power and saying to the church, “Come forth! Take that grave clothes off my bride!”
Those grave clothes of the law will not stop decay, they just hide it.

Romans 5,6,7.
We are dealing with 1800 years of indoctrination and brain washing. I was not born in the freedom of the New Covenant. I didn’t live most of my Christian life in the freedom of the New Covenant- in the fullness of. Because only for the last 3.5 years in Hong Kong, I began to see how deceived I had been, me! for so long! And at first when you find out, you get a bit angry, because all those years I could have been living without sin consciousness, in boldness, that I’m the righteousness of God, that I can have a boldness of a lion, that I can look at the control spirit- control pharisees in the eyes and say, ” I will not give into you for a moment for the sake of the Gospel!”
There is no arrogance here friends, there is a boldness, not from your obedience- your performance or your holiness, but from the performance of Jesus Christ on your behalf!

(The G&G conference MP3s are not out yet, but you can download from here other MP3s that Rob has preached on which has dramatically transformed my life.)


Testimony from Glory and Grace Conference Sydney!

ThankYOU Jubille International Church, to dear Fini, Isi, Rob, Glenda and to all my friends at the Glory and Grace conference!!!

When i got home last monday 31st of March, it felt like i have been away for 40 days, althought its only been 9 days.

On the Sunday before the conference, I went to Jubilee church as I arrived in Sydney. The praise and worship was soo free!!! we hardly used the Datashow, but we just sang in the Spirit and in new songs-amazing prophetic songs and harmony, we entered into another realm! people started laughing, shouting, on the ground under the Power of the Glory of God!!! we were there on sunday night service from 6pm to 9:30pm!!! no body wanted to go home, in fact who wants to go home When God pitches up in His Manifest Glory!!!
IN the bible, when God pitched up in greater glory, people couldn’t’ stand! they fell, shake etc… How can the human body handle the Immortal Presence of our Almighty God when He just reveals a little tiny bit of Himself???
In the morning service when Fini was preaching, as I heard the inward audible voice of God as Fini quoted that Scripture when Jesus appeared to His Disciples in teh room, He said, ‘Greetings!’. It as though God spoke to my spirit to show me that He cares about me!!
I couldnt’ stop crying! and just as well, i was the first person fini prayed for that day.

The conference started on wednesday to saturday. we had soo much of God during this time, nobody wanted to and couldn’t’ go home!! under the Glory, people falling under the power and majesty of God, praying one another, laughing, shaking, just under the manifest presence of God.
Services in the morning start 9:30am, and one time we were so much under the glory we didnt’ go home until 3:30pm!
night services start from 7pm to about 10pm. Glory glory glory! we were so close to God, at times I swear i could feel angels were there even though I never saw them.
On thursday morning in the second session, it was a time of impartation where we waited on God and some of the leaders prayed for us. Then all of a sudden I smelt this perfume, but I thought it was the lady in front of me. Then the I smelt the perfume very strongly, it was coming from the isles, and then Fini said through the mic that some people smelt red wine, smelt perfume and fragrances!
Then I realised it was God!! I smelt other fragrances as well for about 15-20 mins all around the auditorium!!

It says in song of Songs 1:2-3

2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—
for your love is more delightful than wine (we smelt red wine)

3 Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; (we smelt perfumes and fragrances)
your name is like perfume poured out.
No wonder the maidens love you!

Other signs and wonders were that this lady got a platinum filling in her tooth! someone had a word of knowledge for a filling on a left tooth, and then she discverd she has been filled with platinum!
One guy I was having coffee with, all of a suden discovered that he has gold tooth! completely gold, it was silver filling before, definintely not a whole tooth!!

Then on sunday I went to visit glorious gospel church in sydey. Revival broke out there too! started at 10am in the morning, we didnt’ leave there until 1:45pm!
I was on teh ground on my back under the power of God, while my friend Max was in teh front worshipping and lost and on his face on teh ground!

Then Sunday night was the big highlight for me!!
we had soo much fun in God’ Presence!
the serveice started 6pm-10pm! nobody wanted to go home!
everyone prayed for everyone, we all rejoiced in the Lord and laughed, danced and everything else!!
at the end they put on some ‘soaking cds’ from todd bently and Joshua mills and we just went for it! That night I started to hear the inward audible voice of God in my spirit. Since then I have been hearing Him more regularly, that used to not happen before.

The most important highlight of this conference was the teaching on the Grace of God, the teaching about the free gift of righteousness. That once again, just like Martin luther had to stand against legalism in his day and bring about the doctrine of justification by faith that we are saved by grace from first to last, so the same thing is happening again. God is calling Grace reformers to arise again, there is so much legalism in the church- people think that they can earn their salvation and God’ blessings by their own works!
Glory, signs and wonders will follow the preaching of the Gospel of Grace, it is only through understanding and living in Grace we will tap into the Greater glory….
Legalism, control of man, religious spirit, spirit of witchcraft control and manipulation is not the Gospel.

When the bible says, ‘rejoice’, what do you think that means?
does it mean to smile?
no it means to rejoice by the SPirit of God, laughing, shouting, happiness, dancing, with all your might!!!
God is God, He can do whatever He likes in the heavens above or on the earth below. He is the Creator- it’s just as easy for God to create for someone a whole new liver rather than heal his liver.

We didn’t come for a particular denomination, or group, we came for Jesus, to Seek His Face along, no other agenda, there was such unity and freedom amongst us.

We just sought after His Face, His Glory, by His Righteousness His Grace, we could draw as close to God as we like. I wasn’t seeking after the signs, but the bible clearing declares that God is miracle working God and He confirms His Word with various miracles and signs and wonders by His Spirit.

Ha Ha God Bless
‘The joy of the Lord is your strength.’ that is not talking about just smilling, I think it’s talking about rejoicing!!!

This Gospel is truly worth dying for !!!!
It has now been one week; I’m increasingly getting greater revelations on the Grace and Glory of God, I’m almost everyday listeing to mp3s on Grace and studying it.