GLory and Grace Conference 2008 Session 6 , Rob Rufus

I have typed out some of the key statements made during the session 6 by Rob- not yet completed but will eventually add notes from all sessions. 🙂

The Holy Spirit only convicts of the sin of unbelief in Jesus. (Read John 16:7-11)

Galatians 3:10.

If you live under the law, you must keep it perfectly all the time, because the law is a composite oneness. James 2:10-11. Composite oneness means every part affects every other part.

ANYTHING that puts a new covenant believer under the pressure to perform to earn or deserve the blessings, is THE LAW.

JESUS + anything = NOTHING


Grace is a composite oneness of grace. Every area of your life is covered.

The Gospel is NOT a message of right living, but is a MESSAGE of RIGHT BELIEVING.

The Old Covenant you have to do; the New Covenant you have to BELIEVE and you GET.

The currency of the New Covenant is that you believe that JESUS was ENOUGH at the Cross, and friends, not just for your RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTIFICATION, FOR EVERYTHING! EVERY NEED!

Those who believe this message will have global influence, those who come under the law will be held prisoners and have limited influence and contained in captivity.

People that say this grace message makes people lazy, passive, licentious are insane. It liberates them from prison and opens the horizon to bring the glory of God to the nations! To lay their lives down!

We who preach and teach this message, we must walk in a way that brings honor to the Lord and to this message.

Romans 3:20

‘Therefore no one will be declared righteous in his sight by observing the law; rather, through the law, we become conscious of sin.’

If you are free from the law, you are not a prisoner of the law, and you are no longer under the supervision of the law, then there is NO CONSCIOUSNESS OF SIN.

“Rob, am I under the law?”

“Yes, you are are. If you feel consciousness of sin, you are its prisoner.”

You are meant to have a Righteousness Consciousness because you are The Righteousness of God!

Romans 3:21-22.

The law in the New covenant changes its posture and disposition towards you, under the Old Covenant, the law cursed you and condemned you, it pointed out your faults, constantly followed you around making you conscious of sin in the courtroom of heaven.

Now the law moves across to become your council for your defense. The Law and the Prophets now testify that the righteousness you have is by the integrity of God, is apart from the law, is by the gift from heaven, that is based upon Jesus’ obedience on your behalf- you are permanently made perfect forever by one sacrifice. The Law testifies to that.


And the reason we are dealing with 1800 hundred years of darkness and deception and the preaching of the law and grace to the church. The people of God, I saw this in a vision, in the new covenant are like Lazarus, bound up in depth with grave clothes, because the modern church uses the law to try and stop decay, they think they have to put the law on God’s people to stop the decay of sin in their lives, so they are bound up in grave clothes.
And the Lord Jesus Christ is coming to the Church in the 21st century in resurrection power and saying to the church, “Come forth! Take that grave clothes off my bride!”
Those grave clothes of the law will not stop decay, they just hide it.

Romans 5,6,7.
We are dealing with 1800 years of indoctrination and brain washing. I was not born in the freedom of the New Covenant. I didn’t live most of my Christian life in the freedom of the New Covenant- in the fullness of. Because only for the last 3.5 years in Hong Kong, I began to see how deceived I had been, me! for so long! And at first when you find out, you get a bit angry, because all those years I could have been living without sin consciousness, in boldness, that I’m the righteousness of God, that I can have a boldness of a lion, that I can look at the control spirit- control pharisees in the eyes and say, ” I will not give into you for a moment for the sake of the Gospel!”
There is no arrogance here friends, there is a boldness, not from your obedience- your performance or your holiness, but from the performance of Jesus Christ on your behalf!

(The G&G conference MP3s are not out yet, but you can download from here other MP3s that Rob has preached on which has dramatically transformed my life.)

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