Testimony: Why Grace Revolution?

My story is that I have been a Christian since 1992. The only teaching that has changed my life since then is the ‘Grace message’. People say that the Grace message will make you lazy and sinful, but exactly the opposite has happened to me. It has enabled me to l live free from self-righteousness, condemnation, guilt, manipulation and traditions of man, and enjoy God and His Grace and His Gift of Righteousness is causing me to ‘rule and reign in life’.

I have never ever never ever never ever heard anyone teach on Grace like these messages by Rob Rufus. The truth has set me free! I have discovered that this is actually not a new teaching but it is the authentic, radical Gospel of Grace that the bible teaches, that Paul the apostl preached and many others did. But it has been obscured, watered down over the centuries by religious traditions of man until a man called Martin Luther stood up against the religious institutions of his day and proclaimed boldly without fear, that ‘Just shall live faith’.

It saddens my heart when I see fellow brothers and sisters in Christ living under guilt, condemnation and unworthiness just I used to live under it. Self-righteousness will either make you proud one week if you have done well in your own eyes, and make you guilty the next week if you’ve had a bad week. But our righteousness is filthy rags to God and it stinks like pooh! God has given us His Gift of Righteousness- Right standing with God through Jesus Christ which is based upon the perfect obedience of Jesus!

Many Christians are obsessed with religion and self-righteousness, legalistic external behavior modification. But on the inside they are full of bitterness, bound by sin, lusts anger and unforgiveness.

Grace will transform us from the inside out while the law tries to change us from the outside in.

Through the Cross we have been set from the law of sin and death and now we live under God’s unmerited favor, His Kindness.

History is repeating itself again, just as Martin Luther discovered that we are made right with God through faith in Jesus Christ from ‘first to last’- the beginning of our new life for all eternity’, in the midst of strong Roman Catholicism, religious control and traditions of men which taught that ‘you had to earn your salvation by good works’. Scarily, the same is happening today. Just speak to any Christian today, and you will find they will probably tell you that ‘it is a gift to enter the Kingdom of God, but then after that you have to do good works to earn the blessings and your salvation.’ What is that? that is a Roman Catholic version of the Doctrine of Justification by Faith.

And Martin Luther gave his all to bring this truth- one man against the whole institution! What Courage! It was because he had a revelation of Romans 1:16

“Every revival that I have studied and I have studied many, most of them only lasted 2 or 3 years and they were very intense and everyone I’ve studied, came to an end because of the control of men came back in, and law and rules and regulations came back in.”

Quote by Rob Rufus, Glory and Grace Conference 208, Session 1

Revival is NORMAL christianity; Revivals that happened in the past were never meant to end. It was meant to go from glory to glory, not a fading glory. If it faded, its because people went back under the laws again, which is the Old Covenant system- a fading glory.

But the New Covenant Glory is an unfading glory. Please read 2 Cor 3.

One thought on “Testimony: Why Grace Revolution?

  1. Isn’t this so exciting!?! Not being lower than a snakes belly anymore!?! Well, I’m gonna go google Rob Rufus. Have you heard of Josephprince.org Listen to his youtube sermon excerpts!

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