Messianic Prophecies: The Angel of the LORD.

Dear friends, We all know Jesus is full of Grace and Truth and through the New Covenant we can see shadows, types and revelation of Christ in the Old Testament Scriptures. I was reading something recently and saw some of the Scriptures in the OT which clearly were Messianic Prophecies, now were used to teach on ‘angels’.

One of the ways we can prove the Deity of Christ, that Jesus is God, the Second Person of the Trinity, is by looking at the Old Testament. What the Old Testament concealed, the New Testament Revealed.

One of the Confident joys of sharing with precious people that follow Jehovah’s witnesses, Mormons, or Judaism, is that they may have a different New Testament to us or may not even believe in the N.T. But we can prove to them that Jesus is God and appeared just from the Old Testament without even looking at the New Testament. For example precious Jews dont’ believe how can God appear in a human form or other ways?

The bible actually says in shadows that Jesus actually appeared in the Old Testament times.

Did you know that there is One Specific Angel in the Old Testament that was distinct from all the other angels in the Bible? This Angel was known as ‘The Angel of the Lord’, not ‘an angel’, but ‘The Angel of the Lord’. ‘The’ not ‘an’.

Please read these two articles on Jesus appearing as the Angel of the Lord,

The Trinity, Page 9-10

An Angel you Ought to know

Similarities between The Angel of the LORD and Jesus

Whenever the O.T. talks about The Angel of the Lord, it’s actually talking about Jesus. We now have the privilege of interpreting the Old Testament through New Covenant lenses.

If the book of Hebrews Chapter 1(Please read and understand it’s context) which decalres that Jesus is Greater than all angels and that He Alone is the Radiance of God’s Glory. Then this “The Angel of the Lord” mentioned in the OT to be “The Angel of His Presence” Himself, cannot be an angel- since Jesus Alone is the Radiance of His Glory! It’s actually Jesus, Just another Messianic Prophecy.

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