The Whole Counsel of God, Michael Eaton

Wow this is great!
It is 25 sessions, 25 hrs+ of solid bible overview summary of the Christian Faith on the ‘Whole Counsel of God”!!

I’ve never heard anything like it!

Covering many topics about eveything such as God’s great plan, evangelism, preaching, how to interpret Scripture with a clear conscience, how to study the bible, expository preaching, Predestination, Church history, the Trinity, Grace, Repentance, Word, Spirit, revival etc…, it’s like a free bible college lesson!

Michael eaton from Westminister Chapel, was trained under Martin Lloyd Jones, RT Kendal, a forefront gifted bible teacher and author in the world today and I heard that he reads the bible in Greek and Hebrew everyday.
I’ve listen just to the first 2 sessions and I’m totally blown away by seeing the bigger picture of it all like I’ve never heard it before!!!

4 thoughts on “The Whole Counsel of God, Michael Eaton

  1. Hello! I’ve listened to the first 9 sessions now, and it really its superb! he talks about things in detail and from a different angle, 80% of the stuff he said I’ve never thought of it that way!

  2. What a guy! Eaton seriously takes theology and exposition to the next level but still brings everything back to the gospel! Try get hold of some of Q&As with him on issues like predestination, once-saved-always-saved etc. He really answers the questions well

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