Divine Healing Technician MP3



Did you know that John G Lake ministry has been passed onto through a prophetic word given to JG lake?

My friend emailed this to me. Have a listern to the divine healing technician. I’ve found it very phenomenal, zealous and full of spiritual aggression. It uses the training course John G Lake used to teach other people about healing.

Curry Blake has got one of the highest success rates in healing on the planet at the moment. They are getting about 20,000 people healing from all kinds of sickness per month.

I’ve started putting into practice the principles taught, and I’m starting to see and feel results of healing more than I have ever before!

11 thoughts on “Divine Healing Technician MP3

  1. Hey, how is it going with this? Just found the link now and am downloading the talks. See this was a few months ago – you got any update on how things are going? I’m usually weary about this kind of thing (“learning” healing and stuff is often coupled with some strange theologies).

    • Hi there, thankyou for your comment. Yes, I found it very encouraging and Scriptural to pray for the sick.. I had some success a couple of times, once I prayed for an unsaved friend’s tooth ache and it stopped. I hope you find the Mp3s beneficial. Let me how it goes with you, blessings.

  2. Curry Blake is a great teacher of the Word. Keep listening, keep ministering healing.

    We have seen people get out of wheelchairs, deaf ears open and people healed of congenital disorders in England.

    God is a wonderful God, a great Healer and our source of life and love!


  3. Hi, sorry to bother you but I’ve managed to download the site and there are 19 message tracks, right?


    • Hi Joseph, yes that’s right. Please make sure to visit http://www.jglm.org and buy the Divine Healing technician manual as well. I went to see curry blake last weekend in Queensland, Australia, yes he is the real deal. He prayed for me and I got dramatically better!! praise God, bless ya!!

    • Hi there,
      Thankyou for your mail.
      What is the problem? please write to me and I will pray for you.

    • Hi there,

      I live in the Seattle area and Curry Blake came to a local Russian church twice this year to teach – Divine Healing Technician Training and the New Man Seminar. I attended both, and they are outstanding, biblical teachings. It was translated live (Curry would speak in English, then the Russian pastor translated into Russian next to him after every sentence), which is why I’m posting this. Looks like this guy on Youtube uploaded them all:


      Watch them, it’ll change your life; it changed mine.

  4. Love the material. Such a revelation! Does the atonement apply to a marriage where the husband has filed for divorce and the wife wants reconciliation?

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