The Crossing point, Gold Coast, Australia

Check out this new kingdom culture, grace filled, non-religious or non-traditional, group of believers advancing God’s Kingdom togather with the rest of God’s Family in the Gold Coast, Australia!!!

These are the people that i’m work with.

8 thoughts on “The Crossing point, Gold Coast, Australia

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  2. Brad and Farrah are good friend of ours. Myself and my wife planted a church called Gracelife in Durban, south Africa about a year and 3montns ago…Brad has been instrumental in helping us establish our little community, been such a great help, just being there, encouraging us all…he has ministered with us many times…flying from Dubai for these times !!!!! we, and Him and Farrah, his wife, preach NOTHING but the gospel of Gods grace. As a matter of fact Brad has a revelation on the gospel of grace that rivals Paul ( OK i am kidding, but he preaches with an awesome revelation on Gods goodness and grace….)

    I am convinced that the Lord has opened a door for them to plant Crossing Point because He knows the freedom that they are going to bring to thousands in Aus through the freedom in the grace of Christ that they preach…

    if i was there i would be a part of that church…not because they are friends of ours but because they PREACH GRACE !!!!!

    love you guys

    Craig n Dawn, Gracelife Church, Bluff, Durban, South Africa…

  3. Thanks Craig! It’s so exciting to know that you are good friends with Brad and Farrah. I have just recently moved to the gold coast, it’s so great to be part of this new move of God, they do have great revelation on the good news of grace and exhibit liberty and grace to the people they minister to. I’m so excited on what God is going to do here!!! I’ll keep you posted!!
    Bless ya!!

  4. Dear Craig, my name is Leigh and I’m writing from Melbourne, Australia. I want to say “bless you” for embracing the grace gospel. I’ve been a christian for nearly 2o years and it was only just over 2 years ago that I recieved the revelation of God’s grace. The good news of the gospel of grace has revolutionlised my life as well as my wife. And there are many coming to an end of themselve and seeing grace as the only the way, truth and life. I thank God for preachers like Pastor Rob Rufus (Hong Kong)and Joseph Prince(Singapore). I’ve been searching and searching and downloading many Grace sermons from across the globe for the past 2 years becuase I haven’t been able to find a church that comes close to pure grace preaching. However, recently I heard one of Pastor Rufus’s sermon and he mentioned that he met pastor Andrew Magrath at a Glory & Grace conference who was from Melbourne. So googled Pastor Andrew and eventually stumble over his blog. I am now attending Hope City Church, Croydon, Melbourne Australia. Please feel free to let people know about this church. Today I stumble over your Gracelife Church site and I will be downloading your sermons too. Please keep us posted in your world. The Holy Spirit is waking people up to the ‘rightousness of God in Christ’…I feel the the grace revolution is penetration Melbourne. Glory to the finish work of Jesus Christ.

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