What was the Real cause of the Tsunamis?

Dear friends,

I’m grieving and sorry for many of those who have lost loved ones through the tsunamis and suffered through it.

Many are asking ‘Was the tsunami an act of God??”

Was God so cruel that He sent the tsunami?? Was this the righteous judgement from a good and just God on wicked sinners?? was it the devil??

What is the answer to all this??

I believe, its not God, its not the devil, but its the result of sin’s effect on creation causing creation to become out of balalnce and imperfect and disfunctional.

Michael eaton, renowned bible theologian who was taught under Martin Lloyd Jones gives a theological exposition and preached 2 messages on it last sunday at Westminister’s chapel.


Please forward this to those who are seeking for answers.

richest blessings on you

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