Daredevil, heroic, courageous believers!!

I went to see a movie on thursday night, and these guys were in a guy that ran off a bridge and they jumped off  the car!! then i see them jumping over buildings, doing daredevil stunts, fearless- just living life on the edge….they have no regard for their lives, just wild and raw and not afraid to take on any challenges.

Man, i just think, how people who don’t know Jesus lives… people in the world live their lives on the edge, they are not afraid to take risk, they like the thrill of an adventure and to live life to the full as they know how…

How much more should we as believers, live our lives to the full? living daredevil, courageous lives for our King Jesus and have no regard for our own reputation and our own lives in a sense as we risk our own reputations and put our lives on the line for our Commander and King Jesus!!!

Man I want to be courageous, bold, take stunts for Jesus!!!

Its time to overthrow the weak, nice mannered side of Christianity and be wild and risk takers for Jesus!!

Let’s rock the boat, overthrow the religious pharisaism, love from the heart, believe God for big things and Go and do great things….

Don’t be afraid to stand up for your faith and be a Jesus Freak!!!!!!

If the world can be a freak in what they do and stand up for what they believe for, soldiers give their lives for their countries, athletes train and discipline themselves for a crown that will perish one, how much more for us who have eternal weight of glory waiting for us on that Glorious day as we see Him face to face, and say, “No, Lord, this crown You give me belongs to You, I got this for You, not for me.” And then we lay it down at His feet.

Live an adventurous Christian life!!

Sometimes that may mean for you to witness to that person that you have been trying to avoid because you have been intimidated, or pray for that sick person in a wheel chair as you are walking down the road, or ring that friend of yours whom you have talked to for ages, or confront that person who’s trying to imtimidate you and deal with the issue upfront..

Let’s be heroes Not politicians…

Politicians seeked to be liked and try to please everybody and be famous, but let’s be heroes who have no regard for fame but only for the Glory of our Lord and King- to please Him only and do His Will, like Love Warriors and therefore make a difference in this lost and dying world. Live free from the fear of man, for it is a trap.

Proverbs 29:25 The fear of people  becomes a snare,

but whoever trusts in the LORD will be set on high.

So let’s make a decision today to be a daredevil for Jesus, do something heroic for Him in the Name of Love, and don’t hold back– don’t be afraid of what people will think of you, but give it all you’ve got. Life is too short to waste it on living a mediocre, boring life.

Hope this article has encouraged you,



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