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(Please note this website is not directly related City Church International or Rob Rufus, or any other preachers that you know – it is functioning independantly of them.)

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There’s a Grace Revolution sweeping the planet at an unprecendented rate! The people of God are once again discovering the revelation of the Gift of Righteousness (Right standing with God; state of being right with God)  which is from ‘First to Last’, from the beginning of your new life for all eternity! Romans 1:16-17, just did Martin Luther discovered! This is the key to seeing the miracles of God operating in our lives (Galatians 3:1-5); self-righteousness, legalism and human effort will not bring about signs and wonders, but Only through faith in the Gift of Righteousness- which is Right standing with God through trusting in the Perfect Record of Jesus Christ.

“Righteousness” is a Gift from God (Romans 1:16-17) Not from men, and it is from Faith to Faith, not Faith to works. Righteousness cannot be earned (Eph 2:8-9), but only Received by faith. It’s Not something you work for, but it is given to you as a Gift from our Heavenly Father through Jesus’ Perfect Record. Self-righteous, old covenant law-keeping will make people become proud, judgmental and unloving at times. It’s time people reject their own self-righteousness which is through the Law keeping (Romans 10:1-6) and humble themselves and submit to God’s Gift of Righteousness which is Jesus, Who brought to the end of the law of Moses which is self-righteousness, men’s way of trying to get right with God on his own terms and efforts rather than God’s terms, which is by Faith in the Finish work of Cross.

When believers realise that they are Righteous by Faith, then the result is that they will start to live Righteous. Right believing leads to Right living. Its not about outward behavioural modification through rules and laws, but its about Heart Transformation through the Revelation of God’s Gift of Righteousness in the Love of Jesus Christ that leads to true, long lasting transformation of the body, soul, mind and spirit.


Grace Revolution is a ministry dedicated to proclaming the message of the GOOD NEWS of GRACE to the Ends of the earth (Mk 16:15-20; 2Tim 4:5). It is time to fight for our freedom from religious traditions and controls of men, and lay down our lives for this message of Grace which Paul preached! Will you join me in this revolution by lifestyle and proclamation?

This Grace message is such great news that many have never heard before and 1800 hundred years of dark ages indoctrination makes the mind think that this message is too good to be true!

We all want to see God come in revival power! but what stops revivals is legalism, condemnation, control of man and what sustains starts and sustains revival is the understanding and persevering in the Grace message- it’s truth that sustain the outpouring of God’s Glory.

I believe as believers, we are a nameless, faceless generation with only one goal on earth in mind: to empty hell and fill heaven. Hell is the place where Only the devil should go, and to Heaven with All the people!

We are ministers of the New Covenant Grace & Glory, not of the old covenant which is based upon Law that brings condemnation, wrath and death, but of the Spirit of life which gives life and liberty. We believe that every believer has at least one ministry, and that is the ministry of reaching out to the lost and dying and bring them back to God the Father (2 Cor 5:18). We are proclaimers the greatest of News of all time, the greatest Love Story ever told, to the ends of the earth until the end of time.

“Just one human life rescued from eternal damnation in the flames of the lake of fire,

and becomes born-again, will be worth it for every moment in eternity and elebrated therein.”

I just want to tell you how wonderfully Gracious God has been to me. He is so real, so merciful, forgiving, and changed my life for all eternity. Saved me from eternal judgement from the punishment I so richly deserved for breaking His Laws, and He is Real, Yes, Many have found Jesus to be real. And we want to share that with you too.

Let’s proclaim the Great News on the streets and everywhere (2Tim 4:5)- sharing the Good News of God’s Grace and Gift of Righteousness to a lost and dying world. I can also show you some theoretical, practical hands-on street evangelism training, and also using creative tools to proclaim the gospel with power.


My main mission is devoted mainly to:

Street witnessing, Divine healing, New Covenant Good News of Grace, discipling new converts, planting house meetings, evangelism and discipleship resources.

Equipping believers to Witness, Heal and Disciple the all peoples.

Please contact us for trainings, outreaches in your church and your city.

Thankyou and God Bless,


4 thoughts on “ABOUT

    • THanks Wayne!! when you are gonna come and visit us in the gold coast of Holy Spirit!? Church is booming man!! heaps of diving connections with belivers here, reaching the lost in a coffee shop, heaps of ministry opportunities here.!

  1. Tony,

    I wanted to encourage you and those who come by here. Thank you for your ministering grace. It is refreshing to hear this taught. I would invite you to my website to hear and read about the grace of God, Jesus.


    Gene Michelsen

    • Thanks Gene, I will add your link to my website. You are such a blessing, keep preaching the gospel of grace!!! blessings, tony

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