Leave No MAN Behind!!!

The Word says that we are to be Accountable:

1. To God. Mk 6:30, Lk 9:10, Roms 14:10-11

2. To out brothers and sisters. Mk 6:30, Lk 9:10, Acts 14:27, James 5:16, 1Jn 1:7, Pr 11:24;15:22

I just recently went to a men’s conference and where they encouraged us men to rise up and take the lead in their families. Statistics say that if a man gets saved in the family, there is a greater chance that the whole family will come to know the Lord than if the wife or children get saved and tried to lead the family to the Lord.

In most churches you will find that there is more woman than man in the church, why is that?

The whole theme was like an Army of God, the whole praise and worship music team was all men in army clothes! The motto was, “Leave no man behind!”

The church of God is an Army and there is job to be done!

Although I did find somethings to be quiet legalistic and I tried not to let it put me off because I knew there were some good principles to get out of it and ‘chuck out the bones’. But we can apply these truths in grace not under legalism or condemnation.

The fact is men need mingle with other men to encourage one another and keep each other accountable.

Men were created to Lead, Provide and Protect their families. Forget about ‘health and safety’, men were created for adventure and to take risks.

When we talk about accountability, many fear legalism and that’s right. But it doesn’t have to be condemning and legalistic, but what I’m really talking about is deeper relationships in the church among men and talking about important issues in life.

Here is a list of questions that you could possible use to encourage the men, it’s bascially a list of things you can discuss on a regular basis such as set aside a time weekly:

1. Have you been struggling with legalism and condemnation this week? If so encourage & remind them about God’s Grace.

2. How is God in your life?

3. How’s work?

4. How’s your family?

5. How’s your health?

6. Have you looked at indescent material this week?

7. Have you been acting improperly towards the opposite sex?

8. Is there any sins you would like to confess?

9. Do you have any unresolved relational issues with anyone that needs to be solved?

10. Is there any advice, questions you would like to ask?

11. What are you doing about the talents, dreams God has given you?

12. Is there anything you could encourage me for?

13. Is there anything you could speak into my life for?

14. Is there anything I could pray for you for?

15. Thank them for being vulnerable with you.

What do you think?

isn’t it time that we talk about deeper issues in church rather than a shallow ‘How are you?’ on a sunday morning?

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