New Nature Publications

Dear friends,

please check out these great, in-depth, revolutionary Resources (books and cds) on the Amazing, life changing, liberating from legalism, the wonderful unchanging truth of the Good News of God’s Grace found in the Word of God!!

New Nature publications

New Nature publications

My life has been forever changed by this revelation of Grace through the Rufus family.

Let the Grace Revolution flood the earth today !!!!

Thankyou to the Rufus family!!!


Wonderful teachings on Grace, Terry Virgo

Please have a listen to these 4 wonderful messages on Grace by Terry Virgo, UK


Becoming a Spiritual person (MP3)

Last year september, American Texas preacher living in Western Samoa came and taught us. He dramatically impacted my life forever especially in the area of prayer and understanding the supernatural.

The teaching was so full of the Word and the Spirit at the same time, 90% of what he taught I have never ever heard before, the most anointed bible teacher I have ever sat under, understand that Texas people are very blunt!!! He squeezed 3 months of teaching into 3 nights!

Session 1&2 – The Names of God, praying in tongues, reading the bible, fasting



Session 3&4- The gifts of healing and working of miracles



Session 5&6- Prophecy, the Word of knowledge and the Word of Wisdom.



Divine Healing Technician MP3


Did you know that John G Lake ministry has been passed onto through a prophetic word given to JG lake?

My friend emailed this to me. Have a listern to the divine healing technician. I’ve found it very phenomenal, zealous and full of spiritual aggression. It uses the training course John G Lake used to teach other people about healing.

Curry Blake has got one of the highest success rates in healing on the planet at the moment. They are getting about 20,000 people healing from all kinds of sickness per month.

I’ve started putting into practice the principles taught, and I’m starting to see and feel results of healing more than I have ever before!

The Whole Counsel of God, Michael Eaton

Wow this is great!
It is 25 sessions, 25 hrs+ of solid bible overview summary of the Christian Faith on the ‘Whole Counsel of God”!!

I’ve never heard anything like it!

Covering many topics about eveything such as God’s great plan, evangelism, preaching, how to interpret Scripture with a clear conscience, how to study the bible, expository preaching, Predestination, Church history, the Trinity, Grace, Repentance, Word, Spirit, revival etc…, it’s like a free bible college lesson!

Michael eaton from Westminister Chapel, was trained under Martin Lloyd Jones, RT Kendal, a forefront gifted bible teacher and author in the world today and I heard that he reads the bible in Greek and Hebrew everyday.
I’ve listen just to the first 2 sessions and I’m totally blown away by seeing the bigger picture of it all like I’ve never heard it before!!!

Favorite Grace MP3s!

“Go for it it – get this message out anyway you can” – Rob Rufus, Feb 2008

Hello there, you might be wondering where do I start?

Here I have recommended some of my favorite Mp3s on Grace you can listen online or download it:










And the Glory and Grace Conference MP3s On Grace:






some more grace goodies…

Fully free from guilt in order to be fully covered by the GLory!

Do Christians have to confess sins to God?

I would encourage you to listen to it and take notes as well.

You are Blessed!!

MOre to come…