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Liberating Church leadership Testimony

Dear friends, I would like to share with you something happening in the gold coast. I’m really blessed by it and have learnt alot through it. I hope this will stir you and make you think more. THis is not to puff up bradley or anything like that, but its to boast of the freedom you and I have in Christ Jesus! There is better way i believe my friends. 🙂
Please pray about it the Holy Spirit will give you understanding.

Recently through a divine appointment we met this really strong christian lady full of HOly Spirit and Joy on the Gold Coast.
She was unhappy about religion and traditions of man in the church, chruch politics and saw that the church was doing nothing to reach out to people but was asking people for money. The church was controlling, and she waited and waited to do something for God.
So after a while, she decided she’s going to get back reaching out to the backslidden and newly christians in her home, having prayer nights and bible studies and meals, doing free lunches bbqs on the beach to people on the beach and reaching out to the needy.
Then one night we were in her home and she was asking bradley, who’s starting a kingdom culture “church” in the gold coast.
Bradley said something like this to her,
“We are not here to start a new church. we are here to establish a kingdom culture.”
With regards to the Lady starting bible study in her home and reaching out to the lost, Brad said something along these lines,
“You run with your thing. We are not going to touch it. YOu just run wild and do what God has put on your heart. If you invite us to come on friday nights, we’ll come. We’ll sit there and listen and be part of it. If you want us to share, we’ll share. But at the end of the day, it’s you thing; we won’t touch it. You don’t even have to come to us for permission and ask, “hey i’m going to be doing this on friday night, what do you think?”
No, you just go and run with it. All we want is your testimonies. Share with us your testimonies, and share it on sunday. You go and do whatever God has put onyour heart, and bring the people on sunday and I’ll do my part which is to preach the Word. My part is to be a convering, prayerfor you.
Our church back in dubai, Well of LIfe, was like this. A chinese lady was runnign bible studies, we didin’t touch her thing, some of the people in the group came to our church and some of the people didn’t. It didnt’ matter.
God is saying, “Let My people go so that they may worship Me alone!!”

Friends, I ‘m so blessed by this. There are churches all over the world who operate organic life Holy Spirit lead ways like this.
Let the people of God go free so that they may serve God alone!!
Let’s trust God and let the people of God run wild!!!
Honestly i’ve learnt so much. I have even been a deacon before for a few months back a few years ago, but i never understood back then.
Leaders are “examplers” rather than “dictators”.
The only example I could think of that the Scriptures give controlling type leadership is the Pharisees. Matthew 23.
This doesn’t mean that brad won’t be ordaining  leaders such as deacons and elders. He’s not against leadership if you know what I mean.
Check out

I feel free, Brad is not above me, it’s not hierachical. We submit to one another out of reverence for Christ!!!

love and bless ya!!!

Kingdom encounters in the Land downunder!!

This is an Amazing Testimony To God’s Awesome Presence, Glory and Power by Milly Bennit from Hong Kong, City Church International (, from her recent trip to Sydney in May this year to a ministry trip with Jason Westerfield, Fini & Isi de gersigney in Jubilee Church.

Kingdom Encounters in the Land Down Under!
Finally i am attempting to articulate and share of my recent time in Sydney last month.
Both Bonnie (Rufus) and I flew there to spend time at Fin and Isis church as they were
hosting a conference with Jason Westerfield.
The levels of Glory and depths of our awesome God that i encountered while there has
changed me forever. It was a life defining and revelatory explosive time!
Each time i have attempted to write this email, i have gone to my notebook to revisit my
notes, and even on opening the book waves of Him come around me, in me and through
me so powerfully that yet again i am amazed and in awe, more and more, at HIM. Jesus!
The King of Glory! The Bright Morning Star!
So I pray, that as you read this, All that i experienced and learnt would be multiplied and
imparted supernaturally to you also. In fact i am feeling the weighty sense of awe and
wonder even now. Every molecule in my being is resonating violently. Are you ready for
the release of His Glory that is coming like a tidal wave as you read this? whoah!
Lord, YOU alone are worthy, You alone are Great! we worship You with all that we
are. We yield to Your Holy Spirit and we open our hearts Wide to receive revelation,
even if some of this is too much for our natural minds to process right now, open
our hearts and embed Your truths into our hearts. You are Awesome Jesus, You are
Majesty, You are the King of Kings! How Great You Are! How Loving you are,
indeed You are love! You are passionately in love with Your bride. Oh Lord we yield
ALL that we are to You this day, we ask You to Come, Come in to deeper places of
our hearts today, possess us by Your Holy Spirit, Consume us, envelope us,
overwhelm us. We are YOURS Lord, we are YOURS!! Lord just as Your river that
pours from your throne into us and gushes from our bellies as streams of living
water, Lord i release Your Glory, I release Your Kingdom, i release Your Spirit, Your
Grace enabling Power and Your Fire to each and every person reading this. That
Your Fire burn away limiting or hindering mental strongholds, that every thought
even that exalts itself above the knowledge of God be taken captive in Jesus name.
And Lord may these streams of revelation completely Saturate them, and carry
them into deeper places of You. I ask Lord that as people read this, that their
spiritual and natural eyes will Open to the wonders of You! Of Your Kingdom and
Glory! All the Power, the Glory and the Honour belongs to YOU Lord! Amen
So in addition to the intense Glory encounters, Sydney was a time of extravagant blessing
and surprises. Rob (Rufus) prophesied earlier on in the year that we would be blessed to
the point of embarrassment. This was certainly the case in my time in Australia. Not only
that, but So many things that God had been speaking to me about before the trip, were
confirmed during my time there. Wow Lord You are Amazing!
On arrival, I met with dear friends from Adelaide, Ken and Robyn. They had offered for
me to stay with them in a holiday chalet near Bondi beach. They are a delight and we had
many hours of laughter!
On the Thursday, i spent the day with Abba Dad. I walked along the cliffs and along the
beach. Eventually lying on the sand of Bondi beach. Suddenly everything went wild! I saw
flashes and arcs of light and colours in the sky, just appearing in the natural realm. Then
angels, brilliant white, encircled me, round and round they went. I fell in to a trance and
had my arms around Jesus neck. He was laughing. We were both light. Then Jesus
began to show me a people, an army of people. Marching towards this amber sparkling
brilliant circle. It was Huge! “they are entering a new day of My Glory” he said so casually.
“wow!” i said in amazement. I knew that it was not a new type of Glory, or a new toy that
Jesus was pulling out, no, the new day of Glory is a greater revelation that His People are
walking into, of His Glory. They are waking up to the revelation that they are sons! Of
the fullness of His Glory that is in them. They are the sons being revealed!
Alot of other things were unraveled but that is more to do with Physics and maybe that is
not of interest to you . I guess it would not be of interest to me either, but you see when
Jesus is showing you stuff, even Physics comes alive! haha! That afternoon i went back
to the chalet. Had been worshiping, when i saw in the bathroom, hundreds of bright liquid
silver flashes and squiggles. Whoah! As i stepped into the bedroom, a cloud filled the
ceiling and i watched as it sparkled, it was like it was living and breathing! YAy God!
That evening there was a meeting at Jubilee with worship. Was great to meet some of
Jason’s team who showed me how to “open portals of Glory” We would stand in a circle
release the glory, and then take it in turns to jump in and tangibly get smashed and tickled.
(ok so maybe that has offended some people already). Jason’s dear mother, Gloria also
joined us in the portal frolics, ah she is a treasure.
The following day the conference started and i realised that you can never be too extreme
or too radical for God! Jason was a breath of fresh air and an inspiration in fact never
have i known someone to be So free and utterly consumed by the Spirit! Wow, how
wonderful to meet people like this, a forerunner of this next generation of supernatural
sons, not only teaching but also demonstrating the Kingdom life, and what should be
We have barely touched the tip of the iceberg, and even Jason said that he is only
scratching the surface of what is to come! How much MORE of our inheritance there is to
walk in!!! An inheritance where we are not bound by the laws of creation, but rather we are
ruling and reigning from heaven on this earth over creation.
We have been given Fullness in Jesus, yet we are only walking in 0.01%? are we willing
to be inconvenienced, to be radical, even look foolish for Him? Lord if it means a greater
manifestation of You in and through me, then my answer is YES YES YES!!!!
Everything changes when you “see” from eternity’s perspective. And when you realise that
our time here is limited, so lets release Eternal significance, Eternal revelation, Eternal
treasures on earth. Lets bring the invisible Into the visible. All that He has is ours, the
Kingdom is ours. Jesus You are Amazing, you laid up treasures for us to search out
and to find, you wrap up truths in scripture and as we seek them out, you cry out
“Ta Da” as Your sweet Holy Spirit illuminates it to us with understanding. Oh Jesus
with You ALL things are possible, and with You there are no limitations. What a
honour, a joy a delight to Know you, to really Know You and Your ways, You are the
King of Glory!!
A key thing that Jason addressed quite early on was “spirit of fear and the fear of man” you
see this hinders extravagant worship. And isn’t Jesus worthy of Extravagant worship?
Worship ushers in the Presence of God and His Glory, Him! without the presence of God
it is just empty religion.
Praise God that he moved so boldly and violently almost. We cant be passive about
Jesus, there is too much at stake
“Matt 11.12 From the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of God has been
forcefully advancing and forceful men lay hold of it.”
So much ground is taken in worship, warfare is done in worship and battles are won in
worship. Praise God, for Fin, Isi, Jordan and their worship team at Jubilee. For they just
were off the charts incredible, releasing the beats and rhythms of heaven with the
prophetic song. Whoah.
We entered realms of greater Glory that i had never experienced before. The updrafts of
worship whooshed us into the altitudes of His Glory. At times the Glory came so
thick,,,,Everyone was laid out flat on the floor. Yes, Everyone!
The rate and intensity and velocity of what i was seeing was Multiplied. From seeing
movie vision reels, i was now perceiving, multiple vision reels with the fast forward button
pressed. It is hard to describe. It would flash by So fast, So much information and colour,
places, people, downloads. At times it would be so fast, i would say “Lord, whoah” He
would momentarily pause it, whisper “Got it?” i would say “yes, as just as quick,
understanding would come” and then it would continue – whoosh whoosh whoosh
One occasion, i could see multitudes of people, all dancing in unison, in great sweeping
curving rows. Rows upon rows. MULTITUDES of people. All praising and dancing. As
the vision panned out, (at great speed) i could see that these multitudes were actually
rejoicing in the fingerprints of God! We were in the very lines that make up His hands and
Isaiah 49, i have just been looking at. Where God is speaking to Jesus, now we are In
Jesus, just as He is in the Father. So all that the Father is speaking to Him about, applies
to us! It is an awesome passage. verse 16 “See I have engraved you on the palms of my
How wonderful are His Hands, the Hands of the Lord, the hands that bore the nails. Yet
even more amazingly, we are the extension of His hands to the world around us, doing the
very works of Christ, the Kingdom of God IS literally at hand! As we are In His hand!
Does this blow your mind or what? Just as our voices speak the oracles of God and
release His word and purposes to the world around us, so can our hands release and
carry out His works, healings, miracles, create things….wow!
As we lift out hands in worship and adoration of Him, our hearts set on Him, He not only
inhabits our hearts, but the very atmosphere around us. His Kingdom is within you. And
His Kingdom is at hand!
Back to the conference, apologies for the tangent. Winds blew in and throughout the
building, and people were ministered to powerfully. Many were set free. Eyes were
opened to the spiritual and the natural realms.
As Jason ministered, dings light and flashes would whiz around him and the room, many
of us could see these clearly in the natural. At times, it appeared that Jason was standing
in liquid, like a whirlpool. This was often angels in their celestial form. Almost transparent,
moving around him. I had been seeing some of this before going to Sydney, but man was
it magnified once i was there. Crikey! On the final Sunday evening at 2am. Jason was still
sharing, ministering and praying for people. Fin and Isis kids were drunk. Isi was giggling
saying, “how can i get them home like this, they’re just too high!” Tannah her oldest
daughter danced in the spirit, i mean Crazy hip hop dancing for 1.5 hours! People were
generally drunk and laying down all over the church, it was Such a precious time.
What touched me so much, was Jason’s absolute fervor and readiness to Share and
release what God was showing him. Explaining and teaching knowing that as he shares,
God multiplies and increases. It is So his heart to share, equip and empower ALL to
access and live the greater reality of Kingdom reality. Both him and Jessica poured
themselves out over the weekend. Not just in the conference sessions. We had the
privilege of spending time with them over lunch, dinner and had Such a special time with
them and their family at Sydney Zoo. I cannot even begin to go into details on just how
much they blessed us. Amazing, loving and precious people!
Oh this is quite a cool story to share. On arriving in Australia, Jason had prophesied
certain signs and wonders would occur in creation. One of the things that he shared was
that there would be an Increase in Jellyfish in the ocean, and that they represent the Glory
of God increasing, of their flexibility and how we are to be flexible carriers of the Glory,
releasing electricity like the lightening’s from the Throne. Well we had taken the ferry over
to the Zoo, and as we got off the ferry i looked over the side of the jetty into the sea. I was
amazed to see Loads of jelly fish. We called out to Jason and Jessica and everyone was
excited to see a pretty much immediate confirmation of what he had prophesied. Jordan,
then exclaimed “how is this possible? it is winter and you don’t get jelly fish here in winter
because thats when the surfers are out, and they surf in the winter ‘cos there is no
jellyfish!” hehe, i guess we should apologise to the surfers of Sydney!!
So as i finish off this “first installment” of the Sydney trip, i would love that you also “see”
with greater clarity, that we are living, walking, habitations of the Most High. We have the
Mind of Christ as He is enthroned on our praises! As we are consumed with Him, we
begin to think as He thinks, speak as He speaks, walk as He walks.
Our hearts are the Holy of Holies! The veil has been removed by the shedding of His
precious blood. Therefore, (because there is now no more condemnation in Christ Jesus),
we are Free to Gaze upon Him. We Are seated with Him in Heavenly places. So
wherever we go, there is the potential for the fullness of His Throne to be released. We
are walking Mobile Throne Zones! So it is not difficult for us to “get into Gods presence”
for He is In us already. He Has given us fullness, He is In us and wanting out!
Cant wait to share in the next installment some testimonies about what happens when we
start releasing the Glory!! Oh it gets better!
Love and bless you all to the maximum!
His beloved

Releasing Glory in the Land Down Under!
So, now for Releasing the Glory! Releasing what He has already placed in us! hehe! At
the conference Jason had shared testimonies of how he had released glory onto creation
including wild animals.
A few days after the conference, a friend Reuben arranged for me go to the Blue
Mountains to stay with some precious girls, Becky, Tamara and Gida in the nicknamed
“house of oestrogen”. A cosy timber house, that literally oozed the Peace of God! It was
Such a blessed and fun time that included home made hummus, the finest chocolate,
peppermint tea, knitting (i suck at knitting, but yay for those of you with patience!) and of
course Narnia! On wintery nights on the mountains, we sat reading Narnia to each other
while knitting (if you can knit!) These girls were amazing. Gida is also a fashion designer,
and another blessing that came my way was the opportunity to model for her, a day long
photoshoot in the Mountains. I told you this trip was full of blessings and suprises!
One evening, we had been sat around the kitchen table telling “glory stories” sharing
testimonies. As we were talking i saw the mist of His Glory fill the atmosphere in there.
Gida had a box of tissues on the table as she had a sniffly nose. I glanced at the box and
saw that the tissues were literally ENCRUSTED with diamond dust. Just Covered!! As we
saw this, we became drunk and SO SO hot, it was like His Fire was just consuming us.
Reuben also ventured up to the mountains that evening aswel. He had a cold so took a
tissue and blew his nose on it. We then saw that Every other tissue in the box was also
encrusted with diamond dust! Have attached a photo, ( have darkened one of them, so
that you can see more clearly the Quantity of the diamond dust on it!). Yay God!
I even kept one of the tissues and folded it inside my bible. When i returned to Hong Kong
and took the tissue out to show people in startbucks, i almost fell to the floor, the power of
God just zapped me. I passsed the tissue to my friend Christy and her hands started
Burning and tingling. She was yelling out she was so suprised! I only just made it to the
restaurant for dinner, my legs just went! Jesus is such fun.

Back to the Blue Mountains, On one of the days Gida drove us to her favourite spot in the
mountains, just an epic view, across the gaping plateau of eucalyptus trees. Stark cliffs
surrounding it, absolutely breathtaking. She is a delight. After this we drove to a small
town named Hartley, to see some touristy things. Neither of us were fussed about the
touristy things, because we were chatting about awesome things that Jesus had done in
our lives. The whole name Hartley is interesting too, because for days and days He had
kept saying that word to me. I hadnt told anyone but i wondered what it meant. Then
within a few days we happen to drive to a little town called Hartley! Hehe!
As we were walking to the side of a historic building. I saw a herd of cows in a field, and
began to walk up to the fence. Just speaking a release of His Glory. (like we had done
when we made portals). The cows rushed up to the fence. Sorry, to be precise, they were
actually bullocks but to make things simpler i will just call them cows. Now I am fairly
familiar with cows having practically grown up on a farm in England.
So, i know that they do not generally come up to strangers. They do not usually let you
touch them unless they know you, or have been hand reared. These bullocks were fully
trying to get through the fence, it was like they were drunk. One in particular just kept
licking and licking me, nuzzling his head into my hands. I couldnt stop laughing. It was
like an excitable dog that rushes up to greet you with tail wagging!
Gida wondered if the cows were like this because i was used to cows, but they started
loving on her too.
You know, it also made me wonder, if even a herd of cows can respond to His Glory, then
How can people just stand rigid in their seats during worship? Haha. Maybe religious
cows are a different breed!
Ah but Jesus is such fun. He has given us dominion over all of creation. It is so fun
learning His ways. You know, when i had returned to Hong Kong I shared this testimony,
(in starbucks, suprise suprise!) i then saw a butterfly about 25m away outside on the
street. I released the glory and it flew right in the open door of starbucks, and flew around
my head. We all sat in amazement! How FUN is Jesus!!!
My friend AJ, tried this as she was walking up the pier she spoke to the fish and
commanded them to jump for joy in Jesus name. The little fish in the water began to jump
out of the water!! How Awesome is God!! Isnt all of creation groaning waiting for the sons
to be revealed?
Back to Australia…On a different day in the Blue Mountains, the girls were all at work. I
had been worshipping, washing up, doing things around the house, singing in the spirit,
not even really aware that i was worshipping, i just was. The presence of God came
powerfully, i lay on the floor and saw out of window, a whirlwind come around a big pine
tree. It whooshed all around the tree trunk, causing the branches (which were big
branches) to whoosh all around. It was incredible.
Then a Huge being just stepped into the room. His hair was like white smoke, His body
like Fast gushing water, like a waterfall. HIs Face, ahh His face was Laughter!!! He had
delightful face. It was like when you capture a photograph of somebody bursting out
laughing, and in that split second you get the Best expession, of their eyes, and their
mouth. Just utter Joy! (When i shared this later, with Isi, she fell over laughing in the
middle of the street much to the distaste of some passers by! hehehe! We were just
crossing the road you see).
Next, He put out his hand and i was there beside him. (Quite overwhelmed). As i looked
up, i saw that he had these huge Harps coming out of his shoulders. Woah! He heard my
gasp. And said in a big voice. “I CAME ON THE WINGS OF YOUR PRAISES!”
I was ruined!!
He then spoke to me about Jesus, His face still in this delightful expression of Laughter. I
was SO happy! He encouraged me on things that id experienced that week. We
whooshed to Jesus, and we went literally Into Jesus, into His blasting Brillliant white,
dazzling light. It was a powerful visitation. It didnt feel like it was an angelic visitation.
Then, Isi asked me, “do you think it was the Holy Spirit?” YES!!!! Of course! For in HIs
presence is Fullness of Joy! (Ps 16:11), He is enthroned on our praises (Ps22:3)!! His
body flowed with the gushing rivers of revelation, for He is the Spirit of Wisdom and
Revelation! He helped me know Jesus deeper. Oh Hallelujah!! Yay Lord!!
Following the blessed and treasured time in the Mountains, I went to stay with Fin and Isi,
they fully welcomed me into their family. They are a remarkable family and precious
friends, who truly walk with God, and who I love so so dearly. They freely minister the
love, freedom and fun of Jesus and you can see it by the precious gem of a church that
they lead.
Isi spoilt and blessed me to the point of embarrassment. She shared the treasures of her
wisdom and experience, we laughed, we shopped and even got wasted in the airport as i
was leaving. Hehe, I wondered if they would let me on the plane!
As for their kids, whoah! Praise God for this next generation, they are fearless, sold out for
Jesus. In fact Jesus, His Glory displayed and His kingdom coming on earth are their main
passions! Hallelujah!
Another blessing was that John Crowder of sons of thunder publications was ministering in
sydney that week aswel which we all went to. A gentle giant of a man, who taught grace
and lovingly ministered to each person in there. There were miracles and some weightloss
miracles too. My jeans felt so loose after! We drunk of the New Wine, were completely
intoxicated in His Heavenly bliss. In fact we could not walk out of there on the second
night….we crawled! Sprawled on the streets of Sydney laughing, shaking. Drunks were
coming out of pubs, and walking by in astonishment at us. We were more wasted than
they and a darn sight happier too! For we have found the True source of delight and not
the cheap demonic counterfeit!
Oh i will just quickly share something that i saw during some time on the floor in there.
There were many angels, running to and fro, they had these huge flip charts. They would
run over to each other and draw a massive Tick across the page and then flip the sheet
over to the next page. Another angel would come and draw another big Tick.
Laughing,celebrating and joyfully drawing Ticks on each others flip charts.
I was watching this and said “Lord, what are they ticking on the flip charts?” Jesus
chuckled, “Child, it is All that you have ever asked for”
You see, that In Jesus, we are inheritors of His Promises, and that He has already
given everything to us. With Him, the answer is always Yes, and so to His promises
we say Amen! (2Corinth 1:20)
Amen to mass salvations, Amen to multiple healings, Amen to creative miracles, Amen to
the dead being raised! Amen to Joy, Amen to Peace, Amen to Freedom, Amen to Fullness,
Amen to long life, Amen to prosperity…Amen Amen Amen!
Lets drink to that!

Howick outreach report (video)

Dear friends, may these imperfect videos encourage, stir and remind us of the mission to seek and save lost and spread the Good Nws of Jesus our Lord and Saviour!!!

That the time is short adn to pup that question with yourt unsaved friend or family,

This blog is currently to be upgraded and I cannot upload anymore videos or audios but it will be posted on

Outreach report from Hamilton 400

A witnessing clip

Testimony about miraculous gold dusts appear on unbelievers in the Glory.

Last weekend was an amazing time in Hamilton. The Lord told me to go there through a few prophetic words the night before.

It was a humbling time. I realised I had many prideful areas in my life as I fellowship with believers from various backgrounds, various denominations ranging from conservatives to Pentecostals. I don’t consider myself to be of any denominations. The Lord showed me how prideful I was and how I needed to remain humble even though I was confident of where I stood with God.

The first two days of outreach was good- stepping out of the comfort zone and doing things that I haven’t done before! Going up to someone and telling them that God loves them and preaching the Gospel without tracts!!

I saw the guys take up the flip chart tool- it was great and saw them run with it in a great way!! there were many people who made decisions for the Lord, it was great joy to be there when it happened!!

Then came the Saturday night, everyone’s tired. But I knew that when we are weak- then we are strong in the Lord. So I suggested that we go out anyway.

We had a team of about 15 people that night. So on the way there, Duj got so drunk in the Holy Spirit that he fell on the ground!! then we all got together and held hands and a prayer meeting on the streets, praising God, and allowing God’s Glory to be made manifest in our midst!! O the Manifest Glory Presence of God was there and that made the outreach a lot easier.

Then we walked down the streets and a whole lot of things happened.

Close to the end of the night, 2 ladies came walked by and talked with some of our team. Apparently they are believers walking around at night going to the night clubers and prophesying over people- I could see that they were so filled with the Holy Spirit!! they were so on fire.

Somehow at the end, they asked if I could pray for them. So I held their hands and started praying, I was resting in the Lord and blowedn them, just focusing on God. And then I thought, “Na, let’s get into the Glory, You don’t need me to pray for you- you need God! Let Him come and minister to you! I just want to worship…”

So I let go of their hands and said, “Let’s enter into God’s Glory, let’s worship!”. And we worshiped and praised Him until I could feel we entered into His Glory. About 1 or 2 min later, I opened my eyes feeling in the Glory Presence of God. I felt to say to one of the Ladies, “ Look at your hands.”

Her hands were down. Then she lifted it up and showed her hands to me, it was full of gold sparkles on her hands!! and her friends had it too and even I had it!! wow! I was amazed!! the first time I had so much gold dusts on me. Then I felt this, “God is so real!! God is real!!” what an amazing feeling!! Then we literally felt this open portal in the middle of where we were standing, you could feel like a freshness or a wind in the place where we were standing.

Then I thought, “this is a dream come true! Gold dusts on the streets! I have to take hold of this opportunity and give it away to the lost.”

So I looked around, and the streets were full of people walking pasts, very noisy, many were drunk, I thought about shouting it from the rooftops saying, “hey God just gave me some gold dusts as a miracle! I believe in Jesus!” (but thinking about it now, what I should have done is, “hey God just did a miracle for me! He gave me some gold from heaven! If you would like us to pray for you to experience the Glory of God from heaven and any miracles can happen- then line up here and we’ll pray for you!!” And I would stay there and lay my hands on them.)

But what I did do was I stood there for a while thinking “how do I impart this to the lost?”

Then I turned around and saw these 3 pacific islander boys and told them that I believe in God and He has done a miracle for me. “Do you mind if I pray for the God’s Glory to come on you?”

They said “Yes.” So I laid my hands on the two of them and prayed for God’s Glory to come on them. Then I told said, “Look at your hands.” And they looked with amazement! Their hands were full of Gold dusts! And one of young man swore in amazement! Then I preached the Gospel to them and it was easy! I asked them if they died tonight would they goto heaven? They weren’t sure then from there I preached the gospel to them and showed them that they could have assurance of salvation by believing in Jesus and calling on the Name of the Lord and asked if they wanted to make a decision and lead them in a repentance prayer. They received the Lord and we got their contact details down.

I believe these are the days when God’s Glory comes- He will do the ministry, anything is possible, anything can happen!! If God gives you gold dusts- then use it! God gave Moses a rod that can turn into serpent, He said to Moses “what’s that in your hand?”

What’s that in your hand today? Whatever sign and wonder God has given you, use it. If God has given you gold dusts as a sign and wonder, then use it. (Exodus 4:1-9)

It was so much easier to preach after signs and wonders happen, usually a gospel message can take 10 min to share but because signs caught people’s attention, it only took like 2 min to share!

The Key is the Glory manifest Presence of God- and to enter His Glory through Praise by His Grace!

Testimony about miraculous drying of clothes in the Glory

I was driving up north for work. It took about 3 hours. I had to transport a young 4 year old boy for work. The boy wasn’t talking to me at all. So we are now driving back to Auckland after I had some lunch. Then I started praising and worshiping God, I put some glory music on!!

And I prayed for God’s Glory to come on him as I did on Saturday night on the streets and prayed for him. I was hoping that gold dusts would start appear on him, but I didn’t see any. I guess it’s not a formula, God’s Glory can appear in anyways He likes. Then he wanted to drink some water, so I got his water bottle and he drank out of it but spilled it over his jacket and pants. He wanted to take the jacket off but I wouldn’t let him because it was dangerous while we were driving.

So I continued praise and worship God singing songs of glory.

Then about 2 or 3 min later, the boy all of a sudden said, “o what happened? My jacket is dry!!”

Then I looked at his jacket and touched it to try to feel if it was still wet. But the wetness had gone and also on his pants there were no signs of water.

This is Magic!” He said. I was bewildered, like what in the world just happened? I touched his jacket again just to make sure it was wet but that’s impossible! It feel and look like dry!!

I couldn’t believe it!! But then, anything is possible when God’s Glory is Present- He does all the miracles! You simply invite Him to come through thanks and praise- and He does the rests.

Then I told him that God loves Him. I asked him, “have you ever told a lie? that is bad. Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment of all lying you’ve done.”

I believe these are the days of when daily miracles can happen- signs of His Presence that He is so ever present. When I see these miracles all I can say is that, “God is Real!! God is Alive in my life!!”

The Key to see these things happen is to remain rooted in the Grace of God, which gives us confidence to before God rather than being under the Law which covers us in condemnation and causes us to draw back from His Presence.

Glory & Grace 2009 testimonies!!!

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1st video- very clear of the gold on the jacket

(You can watch this in Youtube in high quality-

2nd video- best watched using Desktop monitor on full screen

Dave’s testimony during the conference

testimony about the conference- please excuse me as I had some breathing problems over there *******************************************************************************************************

Photos of gold dusts from heaven



  • *******************************************************************************************************

Dear friends, How are you doing?
Praise God our Father and The Lord Jesus Christ!
Some of us were able to attend an amazing time at the Glory and Grace Conference in Hong Kong.

Psalm 105:1-2
GIve thanks to the LORD, call on His Name; make known among the nations what he has done.
Sing to HIm, sing praise to him; tell of All his wonderful acts.

Let’s keep the testimonies coming for they encourage others in the message of Grace and encounter the Glory of God!! We were taught at the conference that testimonies encourage others to encounter God in similiar ways!
Testimonies can be anything that God has done for you, there is no comparison or competition.

God is really moving and manifesting Himself here through the people. The congregation Citychurchinternational really really love God and enjoy His Presence.
I went to the prayer meeting on sunday before the conference and I felt that these people really knew Him, loved HIs Presence- it was a great experience to see them pray. While I was striving in my legalism trying to work things up in prayer, they just enjoyed God and I could feel that they did.
This is a church of Grace, a chruch that is rooted and grounded in Grace.  I heard someone who was had been living in HK for a few months, said that its one thing to be listening to the podcasts on Grace and living it on an individual level, but it’s another thing to see it lived out in a corporate level and let your guards down on detecting legalism. WOW!!!
Then after the prayer it went straight into praise and worship, and I tell you it was so easy to focus on God it was going to the throne room of Grace itself. I was crying and crying, I couldnt’ believe how it easy it was to praise and worship God. It was so easy to focus on God because everyone was so free and focus on God themselves- all human effort dissolved and comparisons gone. You feel so secured.
Then came the message. I tell you it’s one thing to listen to an mp3s, but it’s another thing to get it live and get the greater revelation right there and then. THe church is full of impartation on Grace. I had an greater revelation on Grace while sitting there. Rob mentioned that we need to get rid radically off all unbelief and Old Covenant self-righteous mentality if we are going to see the Glory of God and move in Signs and Wonders. We need to deal radically with strongholds of legalism in our minds- renew our minds and take control of our thoughts.

During the conference the glory of God was manifested in powerful ways. God confirmed His word with signs following to prove the Gospel of Grace is true. Rob Rufus reminded us that It’s the Grace of God that will sustain and help us to enter into everincreasing unfading Glory. We need to deal radically with all mindsets of legalism and condemnation- for those are the strongholds that keep our heads closed while the heavens are already opened by Jesus!!! It’s only by Grace that will take us into ever-increasing Glory ongoingly!
While Joshua Mills ministered, supernatural oil with rose-like perfume flowed from his hands and gold dust covered him and his clothes as well.

Well, on our last meal togather on saturday, our friend R. from UK was talking about how he wished he could have some gold dusts on him. Then I was a little bit sneaky and said to make a joke, I said, “look at your hands”.
Then gold dusts actually started appearing on his hands. What a surprise!!! And N. looked on her hands and gold dusts started appearing on her hands as well.
Then C. started having gold dusts apperaing and growing all over her hands, her arms, her jacket and even bits on her face!!
It was the Glory of God manifesting in signs and wonders! I believe God wanted to get our attention to show how much He loved us, we are precious to Him.
Then we told the waitress, “This is a sign and wonder from God! that He is Real! to prove that He loves you! Jesus loves you to get your attention!”

Maybe some of you are thinking: what is the point of the gold dusts?? (well you definitely won’t be thinking that if you have seen it with your own eyes. It has made me think about God more.)
God has definitely caught my attention. I realise how real He is and nothing is impossible with Him. He is the ‘Wonder working God.’
It’s a SIGN that points me to Him, a WONDER that makes me wonder about HIM.
THink about this: when GOd opened the red sea for the Israelites, did the Israelites focus on sign and wonder of the Red Sea or was it a Sign to make them Wonder about God??

For 2 nights in a row, I’ve had dreams of God giving me gold dusts.

Give all the Glory to God!!

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