Leave No MAN Behind!!!

The Word says that we are to be Accountable:

1. To God. Mk 6:30, Lk 9:10, Roms 14:10-11

2. To out brothers and sisters. Mk 6:30, Lk 9:10, Acts 14:27, James 5:16, 1Jn 1:7, Pr 11:24;15:22

I just recently went to a men’s conference and where they encouraged us men to rise up and take the lead in their families. Statistics say that if a man gets saved in the family, there is a greater chance that the whole family will come to know the Lord than if the wife or children get saved and tried to lead the family to the Lord.

In most churches you will find that there is more woman than man in the church, why is that?

The whole theme was like an Army of God, the whole praise and worship music team was all men in army clothes! The motto was, “Leave no man behind!”

The church of God is an Army and there is job to be done!

Although I did find somethings to be quiet legalistic and I tried not to let it put me off because I knew there were some good principles to get out of it and ‘chuck out the bones’. But we can apply these truths in grace not under legalism or condemnation.

The fact is men need mingle with other men to encourage one another and keep each other accountable.

Men were created to Lead, Provide and Protect their families. Forget about ‘health and safety’, men were created for adventure and to take risks.

When we talk about accountability, many fear legalism and that’s right. But it doesn’t have to be condemning and legalistic, but what I’m really talking about is deeper relationships in the church among men and talking about important issues in life.

Here is a list of questions that you could possible use to encourage the men, it’s bascially a list of things you can discuss on a regular basis such as set aside a time weekly:

1. Have you been struggling with legalism and condemnation this week? If so encourage & remind them about God’s Grace.

2. How is God in your life?

3. How’s work?

4. How’s your family?

5. How’s your health?

6. Have you looked at indescent material this week?

7. Have you been acting improperly towards the opposite sex?

8. Is there any sins you would like to confess?

9. Do you have any unresolved relational issues with anyone that needs to be solved?

10. Is there any advice, questions you would like to ask?

11. What are you doing about the talents, dreams God has given you?

12. Is there anything you could encourage me for?

13. Is there anything you could speak into my life for?

14. Is there anything I could pray for you for?

15. Thank them for being vulnerable with you.

What do you think?

isn’t it time that we talk about deeper issues in church rather than a shallow ‘How are you?’ on a sunday morning?

Check out Covenant Eyes, an internet accountability software that tracks all the sites you visit and sends it in a email to your accountbaility partner.



GO Tonga, Evangelism trip, 24-31st July, 2008

Photos and videos to come later…

Evangelism trip to Tonga with GO International, 24 – 31st of July.

This is a report from evangelism trip with GO International, also known as Kiwitracts lead by Matthew Old. (www.gospel-outreach.org)

Couple of sundays nights ago, Michael preached a message on ‘Visions, dreams’. Michael said that dreams from God brings about the fruit of the Spirit, while dreams from the devil are black and white and don’t bring peace.

That same night I woke up halve way through the night, and I remembered in my dream that I was in Tonga for 8 days until the 31st of July.. A week ago I had canceled my ticket to Tonga because I had a bad dream about my family so I decided to stay. I canceled my ticket then but I had no peace. When I work up with this dream to goto Tonga, I felt inspired, filled with hope, so I believe this dream must be from God.

So a couple of days later, I booked my ticket to tonga to join with the evangelism team whose already there, and guess what? I got exactly 8 days- 24th-31st of July.

This has to be the most exciting evangelism ministry trip I have ever been on!

We had so many encounters that just had to be ‘God’s ordained!’

Tonga is such a amazing country, it is so relaxing, people are so laid back. It is like living in a village. People drive slowly, everyone is friendly with one another. But I didint’ feel bored, actually I felt that this would be a place that is easy to seek God and find Him. It was so easy to pray here. Tonga is a country built upon Christiains principles, although not all know God personally. People relate Christianity as ritual or things they do, it’s like a culture thing, but many are not born-again.


I arrived thursday morn and the team came to pick my up. They just went to the ywam base to meet with the leaders there. My plane got delayed for almost 2 hours.

That night we went onto the main streets of Tonga, there were so many people there all gearing up for the King’s coronation. Me and Ewan prayed for this man who had a broken ankle walking with a stick. We asked if we could pray for him, he said ‘yes’. And we saw him walk a lot better after wards.

Then we and David prayed for this man in a wheel chair and felt God touch him. We helped put his wheel chair togather because it was falling apart.

Whatever we did, we always give them a gospel tract as well so that they would hear the Gospel.


On Friday, we went to Tongaside primary school to share the Gospel. Our team did drama, tricks with illusions, it all went very well. We gave out heaps of tracts to the children as well.

Then I went with Matt to meet with this pastor called Peter who overseas a chinese congregation. Matt wanted me to meetup with him to see if I could do anything for the chinese community. I had been wanting to meet up with my friends Daleon and Meleoni but didnt’ have their phone no.

Then I mentioned to Peter ‘do you know daleon?’, he said, ‘he’s at my house right now!’

Anyway, divine appointments everywhere. We had the privilege that sunday to minister in Church on the Rock and gave a gospel message. I had the privilege of giving the main gospel presentation using the flipchart and it was translated into chinese. Praise God!

On friday night I also saw Raka and Sione, Raka was a friend of mine from Mit back in the ’90s.


we went to Pangimotu island that was cool! On saturday night, within a matter of 20 minutes, I saw about 6 youths before my eyes make a commitment to Jesus! The flipchart was soo powerful! We spoke to soo many people, especially youths. We set up 3 flipcharts all lined up next to the mainstage in town.

We had dinner with Christine who is from New Zealand. She is teaching in Tonga and she is an real encouragement and she prayed for us as well.


We took the service at ‘Church on the Rock’ near the hospital. We did drama, flipchart and sketchboard. Saw 2 people made public commitment to the Lord.

After the service on sunday morn, Suzan and Moana took us the team out for lunch at a chinese restaurant. They were so hospital towards us.

Sunday afternoon we went to the Pacific Partners 93FM radio station and team shared some testimonies on radio. I had the privilege of talking about ‘Why did Jesus die on the cross?” and gave an altar call. That night we also went to the TV station. The TV station Dbn is actually a pentecostal aog congregation.


Met Tongan believers from Equippers church in tonga while witnessing in town at night time.


Went to the rugby stadium this morning. There was a huge event with all the primary schools in Tonga. We gave out thousands of tracts and ran out very quickly!


We went the hospital and prayed for many sick people. I had 2 words of knowledge for 2 different people and saw one demonic manifestation when I was praying for one kid. The first lady I prayed for, I didn’t ask what was wrong with her. Suddenly this spontaneous thought came to my head to pray for the chest pain to go away. Afterwards I asked her what was wrong with her, she said she is going for a heart operation. The second person I prayed for was a man lying on the bed. He looked tired, a lady beside him was looking after him. While I was praying for him, a thought came to my mind, “I believe God is going to visit you in your dreams.” Then I could hear him go into deep breathing and fall asleep. Then I asked the lady what was wrong with him, and she said he has been having trouble sleeping.

Saw our Ywam friends in town. Shared the gospel with local chinese immigrants who were touched. Throughout all my sharing this week, I not only preached the Gospel, but I also told people about the local church – Church on the rock in Tonga.

We had dinner at chinese restaurant Coco’s. It was our team’s last dinner togather. It was great and shared the gospel with the waitress Toupo.


Daleon took me out for the day to the blowholes and to visit Akesa’s family. They own the only surfing resort in tonga. We visited Saul who is Helen’s uncle. He wanted me to come back with a team from our church to minister to their youth and their church. Saul now has his own church.

One young man called William, came and listened to us on the Flipchart over a period of 4 nights. On his 3rd night, he gave his heart to the Lord. When I saw him on the 4th night, I could recognise a change of countenance on his face, that it has lighted up. I could his dedication as well.

I went to one of the clothing shops to buy clothes, as it so turns out that the shop owner’s sister was going to NZ as well and on the same flight as me! So I met them at the airport and the whole family was 7 was on the same plane as me, immigrating to NZ. They live just 6 mins down the road from me, and I believe this is opportunity for me to reach out to them.

I learnt so much about evangelism from this trip and it has really opened my eyes to what God is doing in the Polynesian islands. So much you can only learn by ‘Going’ and ‘Doing’. If I stayed home I would have learnt nothing. People in Tonga are so open to the Gospel, what they need is more sincere laborers.


Matt stayed behind for the coronation of the Tongan King. And the Lord opened supernatural doors for him to get into the coronation service and sit in the middle, and even give out gospel tracts to some of the dignitaries!

Testimony: Why Grace Revolution?

My story is that I have been a Christian since 1992. The only teaching that has changed my life since then is the ‘Grace message’. People say that the Grace message will make you lazy and sinful, but exactly the opposite has happened to me. It has enabled me to l live free from self-righteousness, condemnation, guilt, manipulation and traditions of man, and enjoy God and His Grace and His Gift of Righteousness is causing me to ‘rule and reign in life’.

I have never ever never ever never ever heard anyone teach on Grace like these messages by Rob Rufus. The truth has set me free! I have discovered that this is actually not a new teaching but it is the authentic, radical Gospel of Grace that the bible teaches, that Paul the apostl preached and many others did. But it has been obscured, watered down over the centuries by religious traditions of man until a man called Martin Luther stood up against the religious institutions of his day and proclaimed boldly without fear, that ‘Just shall live faith’.

It saddens my heart when I see fellow brothers and sisters in Christ living under guilt, condemnation and unworthiness just I used to live under it. Self-righteousness will either make you proud one week if you have done well in your own eyes, and make you guilty the next week if you’ve had a bad week. But our righteousness is filthy rags to God and it stinks like pooh! God has given us His Gift of Righteousness- Right standing with God through Jesus Christ which is based upon the perfect obedience of Jesus!

Many Christians are obsessed with religion and self-righteousness, legalistic external behavior modification. But on the inside they are full of bitterness, bound by sin, lusts anger and unforgiveness.

Grace will transform us from the inside out while the law tries to change us from the outside in.

Through the Cross we have been set from the law of sin and death and now we live under God’s unmerited favor, His Kindness.

History is repeating itself again, just as Martin Luther discovered that we are made right with God through faith in Jesus Christ from ‘first to last’- the beginning of our new life for all eternity’, in the midst of strong Roman Catholicism, religious control and traditions of men which taught that ‘you had to earn your salvation by good works’. Scarily, the same is happening today. Just speak to any Christian today, and you will find they will probably tell you that ‘it is a gift to enter the Kingdom of God, but then after that you have to do good works to earn the blessings and your salvation.’ What is that? that is a Roman Catholic version of the Doctrine of Justification by Faith.

And Martin Luther gave his all to bring this truth- one man against the whole institution! What Courage! It was because he had a revelation of Romans 1:16

“Every revival that I have studied and I have studied many, most of them only lasted 2 or 3 years and they were very intense and everyone I’ve studied, came to an end because of the control of men came back in, and law and rules and regulations came back in.”

Quote by Rob Rufus, Glory and Grace Conference 208, Session 1

Revival is NORMAL christianity; Revivals that happened in the past were never meant to end. It was meant to go from glory to glory, not a fading glory. If it faded, its because people went back under the laws again, which is the Old Covenant system- a fading glory.

But the New Covenant Glory is an unfading glory. Please read 2 Cor 3.

Testimony from Glory and Grace Conference Sydney!

ThankYOU Jubille International Church, to dear Fini, Isi, Rob, Glenda and to all my friends at the Glory and Grace conference!!!

When i got home last monday 31st of March, it felt like i have been away for 40 days, althought its only been 9 days.

On the Sunday before the conference, I went to Jubilee church as I arrived in Sydney. The praise and worship was soo free!!! we hardly used the Datashow, but we just sang in the Spirit and in new songs-amazing prophetic songs and harmony, we entered into another realm! people started laughing, shouting, on the ground under the Power of the Glory of God!!! we were there on sunday night service from 6pm to 9:30pm!!! no body wanted to go home, in fact who wants to go home When God pitches up in His Manifest Glory!!!
IN the bible, when God pitched up in greater glory, people couldn’t’ stand! they fell, shake etc… How can the human body handle the Immortal Presence of our Almighty God when He just reveals a little tiny bit of Himself???
In the morning service when Fini was preaching, as I heard the inward audible voice of God as Fini quoted that Scripture when Jesus appeared to His Disciples in teh room, He said, ‘Greetings!’. It as though God spoke to my spirit to show me that He cares about me!!
I couldnt’ stop crying! and just as well, i was the first person fini prayed for that day.

The conference started on wednesday to saturday. we had soo much of God during this time, nobody wanted to and couldn’t’ go home!! under the Glory, people falling under the power and majesty of God, praying one another, laughing, shaking, just under the manifest presence of God.
Services in the morning start 9:30am, and one time we were so much under the glory we didnt’ go home until 3:30pm!
night services start from 7pm to about 10pm. Glory glory glory! we were so close to God, at times I swear i could feel angels were there even though I never saw them.
On thursday morning in the second session, it was a time of impartation where we waited on God and some of the leaders prayed for us. Then all of a sudden I smelt this perfume, but I thought it was the lady in front of me. Then the I smelt the perfume very strongly, it was coming from the isles, and then Fini said through the mic that some people smelt red wine, smelt perfume and fragrances!
Then I realised it was God!! I smelt other fragrances as well for about 15-20 mins all around the auditorium!!

It says in song of Songs 1:2-3

2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—
for your love is more delightful than wine (we smelt red wine)

3 Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; (we smelt perfumes and fragrances)
your name is like perfume poured out.
No wonder the maidens love you!

Other signs and wonders were that this lady got a platinum filling in her tooth! someone had a word of knowledge for a filling on a left tooth, and then she discverd she has been filled with platinum!
One guy I was having coffee with, all of a suden discovered that he has gold tooth! completely gold, it was silver filling before, definintely not a whole tooth!!

Then on sunday I went to visit glorious gospel church in sydey. Revival broke out there too! started at 10am in the morning, we didnt’ leave there until 1:45pm!
I was on teh ground on my back under the power of God, while my friend Max was in teh front worshipping and lost and on his face on teh ground!

Then Sunday night was the big highlight for me!!
we had soo much fun in God’ Presence!
the serveice started 6pm-10pm! nobody wanted to go home!
everyone prayed for everyone, we all rejoiced in the Lord and laughed, danced and everything else!!
at the end they put on some ‘soaking cds’ from todd bently and Joshua mills and we just went for it! That night I started to hear the inward audible voice of God in my spirit. Since then I have been hearing Him more regularly, that used to not happen before.

The most important highlight of this conference was the teaching on the Grace of God, the teaching about the free gift of righteousness. That once again, just like Martin luther had to stand against legalism in his day and bring about the doctrine of justification by faith that we are saved by grace from first to last, so the same thing is happening again. God is calling Grace reformers to arise again, there is so much legalism in the church- people think that they can earn their salvation and God’ blessings by their own works!
Glory, signs and wonders will follow the preaching of the Gospel of Grace, it is only through understanding and living in Grace we will tap into the Greater glory….
Legalism, control of man, religious spirit, spirit of witchcraft control and manipulation is not the Gospel.

When the bible says, ‘rejoice’, what do you think that means?
does it mean to smile?
no it means to rejoice by the SPirit of God, laughing, shouting, happiness, dancing, with all your might!!!
God is God, He can do whatever He likes in the heavens above or on the earth below. He is the Creator- it’s just as easy for God to create for someone a whole new liver rather than heal his liver.

We didn’t come for a particular denomination, or group, we came for Jesus, to Seek His Face along, no other agenda, there was such unity and freedom amongst us.

We just sought after His Face, His Glory, by His Righteousness His Grace, we could draw as close to God as we like. I wasn’t seeking after the signs, but the bible clearing declares that God is miracle working God and He confirms His Word with various miracles and signs and wonders by His Spirit.

Ha Ha God Bless
‘The joy of the Lord is your strength.’ that is not talking about just smilling, I think it’s talking about rejoicing!!!

This Gospel is truly worth dying for !!!!
It has now been one week; I’m increasingly getting greater revelations on the Grace and Glory of God, I’m almost everyday listeing to mp3s on Grace and studying it.