Street witnessing

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last Updated: 13/05/09

One on one witnessing

Flipchart Preaching

One of my favorite bible teachers, mentioned that in the early church 1st century, all the preaching was done on the outside…

And the flipchart has turned out to be one of those great tools for preaching the gospel on the streets!!!

Check out some of our flipchart videos for evangelising on the streets…

“Young lady makes a decision for Christ.” by Tim Toehemotu, OAC ministries Auckland.

“Rugby team makes decision for Christ”

“Come and take the Free Gift” by Shane Vink, OAC Waikato

“Repentance prayer” (Psalm 51)

“Sketchboard Presentation” by Greg Burton

The flipchart PDF is online so you can download it and print it yourself.


Flipchart Size: A1 landscape, Material: Banner. 4 pages.

One A1 page costs about $50 to print. If I can get many enquiries, I will order them in one large quantity and try to bring the price down. We can print them for you at cheap price, with eyelets and rings, supply the flipboard stand as well in one package. Please contact us if interested by leaving me a message on the blog and then I can get back to on a price later when we have enough interest.

If you are a pastor or involved in evangelism, and would like to us to take you out for a free demonstration on the streets or in your church,  please contact me using the form below, any questions, feel free to ask.

Credits: thankyou to all my evangelism friends, Shane Vink, Matthew Old, Ewan Hulse, Greg Burton, Chris Dunstan, Lawrence Yu, Tim Toehemotu and many others who have encouraged and input into my life in this area.

2 thoughts on “Street witnessing

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  2. I would also like to encourage you to listen to the Grace mp3s available on this site. It’s so important for those sharing the Gospel to have awesome understanding of Grace as well.

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