Church Gold Coast, Australia

Hi friends!!!

Woohoo!!! Revival in the Gold Coast!!! Renewal in the Gold Coast!!! Let it be everywhere!!

I’ve been organising and running house meetings since last year, currently we meet every tuesday nights 7:30pm in Southport on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

We have been studying about the Pure New Covenant, The Good News (Gospel) of God’s Amazing Grace and also on Divine healing as well.

We have seen a few instant healings take place and people getting new understanding of the Good News of God’s Unmerited/Undeserved Favor.

It’s pretty informal, we try to give everyone opportunity to share, pray, encourage and prophesy over each other, it s about being honest and real with each other in a safe context of Grace.

Woohooo!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou Jesus!!!!!

We use Dvd, books to aid our discussions.

If you are in the area and would like to check it out, here are our details:

Place: Southport Residential Tower 2

Unit 2382 No 5 Lawson street,

Southport, Gold Coast,

Queensland, Australia.

Time: Every Tuesday nights 7pm

Contact: Tony Yu


Some other times we also go out to tell people about Jesus, pray for sick people and prophesy over them.

A New Creation, Mp3 John Crowder

It will transform your life!!!

Goto this link and listen to the first message:

Hello friends!!!!

I’m listening to this awesome powerful clear message by John Crowder about the New Creation we have in Christ Jesus!!! This is the probably the best explanation I’ve heard so far- It’s not about the sinful nature anymore, but it’s All about the New Creation we have in Christ Jesus and Renewing your mind to believe it so that your act like who you Really Are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Howick outreach report (video)

Dear friends, may these imperfect videos encourage, stir and remind us of the mission to seek and save lost and spread the Good Nws of Jesus our Lord and Saviour!!!

That the time is short adn to pup that question with yourt unsaved friend or family,

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Outreach report from Hamilton 400

A witnessing clip

Testimony about miraculous gold dusts appear on unbelievers in the Glory.

Last weekend was an amazing time in Hamilton. The Lord told me to go there through a few prophetic words the night before.

It was a humbling time. I realised I had many prideful areas in my life as I fellowship with believers from various backgrounds, various denominations ranging from conservatives to Pentecostals. I don’t consider myself to be of any denominations. The Lord showed me how prideful I was and how I needed to remain humble even though I was confident of where I stood with God.

The first two days of outreach was good- stepping out of the comfort zone and doing things that I haven’t done before! Going up to someone and telling them that God loves them and preaching the Gospel without tracts!!

I saw the guys take up the flip chart tool- it was great and saw them run with it in a great way!! there were many people who made decisions for the Lord, it was great joy to be there when it happened!!

Then came the Saturday night, everyone’s tired. But I knew that when we are weak- then we are strong in the Lord. So I suggested that we go out anyway.

We had a team of about 15 people that night. So on the way there, Duj got so drunk in the Holy Spirit that he fell on the ground!! then we all got together and held hands and a prayer meeting on the streets, praising God, and allowing God’s Glory to be made manifest in our midst!! O the Manifest Glory Presence of God was there and that made the outreach a lot easier.

Then we walked down the streets and a whole lot of things happened.

Close to the end of the night, 2 ladies came walked by and talked with some of our team. Apparently they are believers walking around at night going to the night clubers and prophesying over people- I could see that they were so filled with the Holy Spirit!! they were so on fire.

Somehow at the end, they asked if I could pray for them. So I held their hands and started praying, I was resting in the Lord and blowedn them, just focusing on God. And then I thought, “Na, let’s get into the Glory, You don’t need me to pray for you- you need God! Let Him come and minister to you! I just want to worship…”

So I let go of their hands and said, “Let’s enter into God’s Glory, let’s worship!”. And we worshiped and praised Him until I could feel we entered into His Glory. About 1 or 2 min later, I opened my eyes feeling in the Glory Presence of God. I felt to say to one of the Ladies, “ Look at your hands.”

Her hands were down. Then she lifted it up and showed her hands to me, it was full of gold sparkles on her hands!! and her friends had it too and even I had it!! wow! I was amazed!! the first time I had so much gold dusts on me. Then I felt this, “God is so real!! God is real!!” what an amazing feeling!! Then we literally felt this open portal in the middle of where we were standing, you could feel like a freshness or a wind in the place where we were standing.

Then I thought, “this is a dream come true! Gold dusts on the streets! I have to take hold of this opportunity and give it away to the lost.”

So I looked around, and the streets were full of people walking pasts, very noisy, many were drunk, I thought about shouting it from the rooftops saying, “hey God just gave me some gold dusts as a miracle! I believe in Jesus!” (but thinking about it now, what I should have done is, “hey God just did a miracle for me! He gave me some gold from heaven! If you would like us to pray for you to experience the Glory of God from heaven and any miracles can happen- then line up here and we’ll pray for you!!” And I would stay there and lay my hands on them.)

But what I did do was I stood there for a while thinking “how do I impart this to the lost?”

Then I turned around and saw these 3 pacific islander boys and told them that I believe in God and He has done a miracle for me. “Do you mind if I pray for the God’s Glory to come on you?”

They said “Yes.” So I laid my hands on the two of them and prayed for God’s Glory to come on them. Then I told said, “Look at your hands.” And they looked with amazement! Their hands were full of Gold dusts! And one of young man swore in amazement! Then I preached the Gospel to them and it was easy! I asked them if they died tonight would they goto heaven? They weren’t sure then from there I preached the gospel to them and showed them that they could have assurance of salvation by believing in Jesus and calling on the Name of the Lord and asked if they wanted to make a decision and lead them in a repentance prayer. They received the Lord and we got their contact details down.

I believe these are the days when God’s Glory comes- He will do the ministry, anything is possible, anything can happen!! If God gives you gold dusts- then use it! God gave Moses a rod that can turn into serpent, He said to Moses “what’s that in your hand?”

What’s that in your hand today? Whatever sign and wonder God has given you, use it. If God has given you gold dusts as a sign and wonder, then use it. (Exodus 4:1-9)

It was so much easier to preach after signs and wonders happen, usually a gospel message can take 10 min to share but because signs caught people’s attention, it only took like 2 min to share!

The Key is the Glory manifest Presence of God- and to enter His Glory through Praise by His Grace!

Testimony about miraculous drying of clothes in the Glory

I was driving up north for work. It took about 3 hours. I had to transport a young 4 year old boy for work. The boy wasn’t talking to me at all. So we are now driving back to Auckland after I had some lunch. Then I started praising and worshiping God, I put some glory music on!!

And I prayed for God’s Glory to come on him as I did on Saturday night on the streets and prayed for him. I was hoping that gold dusts would start appear on him, but I didn’t see any. I guess it’s not a formula, God’s Glory can appear in anyways He likes. Then he wanted to drink some water, so I got his water bottle and he drank out of it but spilled it over his jacket and pants. He wanted to take the jacket off but I wouldn’t let him because it was dangerous while we were driving.

So I continued praise and worship God singing songs of glory.

Then about 2 or 3 min later, the boy all of a sudden said, “o what happened? My jacket is dry!!”

Then I looked at his jacket and touched it to try to feel if it was still wet. But the wetness had gone and also on his pants there were no signs of water.

This is Magic!” He said. I was bewildered, like what in the world just happened? I touched his jacket again just to make sure it was wet but that’s impossible! It feel and look like dry!!

I couldn’t believe it!! But then, anything is possible when God’s Glory is Present- He does all the miracles! You simply invite Him to come through thanks and praise- and He does the rests.

Then I told him that God loves Him. I asked him, “have you ever told a lie? that is bad. Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment of all lying you’ve done.”

I believe these are the days of when daily miracles can happen- signs of His Presence that He is so ever present. When I see these miracles all I can say is that, “God is Real!! God is Alive in my life!!”

The Key to see these things happen is to remain rooted in the Grace of God, which gives us confidence to before God rather than being under the Law which covers us in condemnation and causes us to draw back from His Presence.

Flipchart, Videos

We have just updated our new evangelism training videos for the streets, please check it out!!!

Feel free to embed the videos to your website

WILL You fight for FREEDOM!! (Quote)

If you are in God’s army, why do you fear the things of this world?

Sons and daughters of God Almighty, you  have no idea of the POWER that is IN You.

God sees His Own country man and woman of old that belongs to Him here on earth in DEFIANCY, you have come to live this life following Jesus as FREE Man and Woman, FREE sons and daughters, and FREE indeed You ARE.

What will you do without Freedom?!?     Will you fight?

But not in the world’s sense of fighting, fighting in the sense of the Spiritual that is going on that’s enslaving so many, fighting with the power of Love and Mercy.

Will you Fight?

You have choice, fight and you may die, run and you may live…

At least a while, and dying in your beds many years from now,

would you be willing to trade all the days from today for just that one chance, just ONE CHANCE,

to speak over all that is evil and say,

“you may take our lives but you’ll never take our FREEDOM!!!!!!”


Quote by Dave Cooper, Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

Testimony: Why Grace Revolution?

My story is that I have been a Christian since 1992. The only teaching that has changed my life since then is the ‘Grace message’. People say that the Grace message will make you lazy and sinful, but exactly the opposite has happened to me. It has enabled me to l live free from self-righteousness, condemnation, guilt, manipulation and traditions of man, and enjoy God and His Grace and His Gift of Righteousness is causing me to ‘rule and reign in life’.

I have never ever never ever never ever heard anyone teach on Grace like these messages by Rob Rufus. The truth has set me free! I have discovered that this is actually not a new teaching but it is the authentic, radical Gospel of Grace that the bible teaches, that Paul the apostl preached and many others did. But it has been obscured, watered down over the centuries by religious traditions of man until a man called Martin Luther stood up against the religious institutions of his day and proclaimed boldly without fear, that ‘Just shall live faith’.

It saddens my heart when I see fellow brothers and sisters in Christ living under guilt, condemnation and unworthiness just I used to live under it. Self-righteousness will either make you proud one week if you have done well in your own eyes, and make you guilty the next week if you’ve had a bad week. But our righteousness is filthy rags to God and it stinks like pooh! God has given us His Gift of Righteousness- Right standing with God through Jesus Christ which is based upon the perfect obedience of Jesus!

Many Christians are obsessed with religion and self-righteousness, legalistic external behavior modification. But on the inside they are full of bitterness, bound by sin, lusts anger and unforgiveness.

Grace will transform us from the inside out while the law tries to change us from the outside in.

Through the Cross we have been set from the law of sin and death and now we live under God’s unmerited favor, His Kindness.

History is repeating itself again, just as Martin Luther discovered that we are made right with God through faith in Jesus Christ from ‘first to last’- the beginning of our new life for all eternity’, in the midst of strong Roman Catholicism, religious control and traditions of men which taught that ‘you had to earn your salvation by good works’. Scarily, the same is happening today. Just speak to any Christian today, and you will find they will probably tell you that ‘it is a gift to enter the Kingdom of God, but then after that you have to do good works to earn the blessings and your salvation.’ What is that? that is a Roman Catholic version of the Doctrine of Justification by Faith.

And Martin Luther gave his all to bring this truth- one man against the whole institution! What Courage! It was because he had a revelation of Romans 1:16

“Every revival that I have studied and I have studied many, most of them only lasted 2 or 3 years and they were very intense and everyone I’ve studied, came to an end because of the control of men came back in, and law and rules and regulations came back in.”

Quote by Rob Rufus, Glory and Grace Conference 208, Session 1

Revival is NORMAL christianity; Revivals that happened in the past were never meant to end. It was meant to go from glory to glory, not a fading glory. If it faded, its because people went back under the laws again, which is the Old Covenant system- a fading glory.

But the New Covenant Glory is an unfading glory. Please read 2 Cor 3.