Hi Friends!!!

Please write in your testimonies here of what God has been doing in your lives, healings, miracles, provision, just the goodness of God and whatever God puts on your heart to share.


One thought on “Testimonies

  1. I have a disability that means my balance isn’t too good, on top of which I had a fractured ankle. I am delighted to report that my ankle is much better, almost back to normal after twelve weeks. It’s amazing how God has designed our bodies to work, and heal themselves, with prayer. Praise God! Instant healing miracles are great, but God has more chance to show his strength and power in a gradual healing. In Mark 1:38 Jesus clearly says that his purpose for coming is to preach the Good News and not necessarily for the miracle crusades, he also said in Mat 12:39 that is a wicked and faithless generation that seek after a sign. But 2 Peter says by his stripes I am healed and I am despite what I see in this temporary, earthen vessel (2 Cor 4:7).

    In God’s Grace,
    Yvette McGrath

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