Hot Topics!!

These are some hot articles! more will be added later

On the New Covenant, Good News of Grace, God’s Unmerited/Undeserved Favor- we relate to God on the basis of Grace Covenant of Faith.

* What was the purpose of the law?

* Are New Covenant believers under the Law of Moses?

* WHEN did Jesus forgave us all our sins?

*Is New Covenant Repentance different from Old Covenant Repentance?

* Basics introduction to New Covenant Faith

* Do Christians have to confess sins to God?

* New Covenant giving

* The Doctrine of Justification by Faith

*The Love of God- I’m God’s Beloved!!

* The Messiah in the Passover

* Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law

* Doctrine of Eternal Security

* Some Favorite Grace Mp3s

On Divine Healing, Healing the Sick by the New Covenant of Grace.

* Divine Healing Technician – equipping on how to heal the sick

* Healing Scriptures for Meditation and Confession

* Healing testimonies

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